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Donald Trump My President? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin’!

Hey, angry Democrats. While skipping school or work to march, block the streets and wave the Mexican flag, you may ponder aloud: How is it possible that 50% voted for a wigged wahoo who makes going bankrupt a sleazy money-making scam? 161 more words

new boots and pantisocracies

my copy of new boots and pantisocracies from smokestack books dropped thru the letter box today and, seeing it for the first time, it’s certainly a strong collection of contemporary voices. 178 more words

I Am Writing

Trump & Clinton October Surprises

The news media keeps flashing daily and hourly headlines about the two super-imperfect Presidential candidates. Donald spewed locker room obscenity about women. Hillary can’t keep Bill’s blabbermouth nor fly zipped up. 180 more words

Et Cetera

Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
“Andy George Jackson; one of the left-leaning liberal intelligentsia bubble babblers, with a penchant for the absurd and a skull-full of lightning.” 150 more words


seagate III

once, many moons ago, an anthology of dundee poetry called seagate was produced. not so very long after and, probably in reaction to a central scottish focus, a second anthology was produced. 139 more words

I Am Writing

Vicky, Samantha & Andy - FitPro

After so much exposure in such little time in “Why CloudTag” with over 2,000 views from over 20 countries in just 24 hours, I’m back to introduce you to more people who I believe will play a SIGNIFICANT part in the success of… 1,065 more words

Little Windows Chapbooks

Last night I went to the launch of Little Windows at Booknook & Bean, an exciting new line of chapbooks from poets Jill Jones… 660 more words