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I TRUSTED YOU - The Incredible True Story of The Return Of Andy Kaufman

Forty years ago, during the premiere telecast of what is now the world’s longest-running sketch show, the nation was introduced to a strange man named Andy Kaufman. 2,072 more words


An Interview with Chip Chipperson by Jennifer Carmody (from the Carmody Central Podcast), April 15, 2014

Aside from Doug Stanhope, there’s no living comedian that’s more painfully honest than Jim Norton.  To say Norton is an open book is an understatement.  He frequently discusses his sex addiction, his numerous encounters with prostitutes, etc. 282 more words

Good Idea: toddler open mics

Previously, my kiddo went through a phase where he told kid-style jokes which he mostly learned from a library book about Fozzie Bear (whence he also learned to punctuate his jokes by saying “wokka wokka”) and popsicle sticks. 241 more words


Crispin Glover on "Late Night with David Letterman"

In this classic clip, a totally paranoid and confused Crispin Glover shows up on “Late Night with David Letterman” decked out in bell-bottom pants, platform shoes and a long-hair wig. 92 more words

She lives in the house over there.

Originally posted to rabidmind.net on the 21st of February 2015.

Yesterday i cried about turning 30. I didn’t realise how hard i had actually cried about it until i looked into the mirror later that night and saw a fat Asian girl lookin’ back at me. 847 more words


Donald Trump announces he was actually Andy Kaufman the whole time

WASHINGTON D.C.—This afternoon presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced he is actually Andy Kaufman before a sold-out crowd of paid supporters.

Kaufman, the comedian and prolific prankster best known for his portrayal of Latka Gravas in the 70’s sitcom “Taxi,” was believed to have died in 1984. 213 more words

The One Where Richard Belzer Got Knocked Unconscious By Hulk Hogan

“I just showed him the simplest hold I knew.”
—Hulk Hogan

Here’s a story that was always on the periphery of my childhood memories, but which I have apparently confused with that of 

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