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Why I love Donald Trump.

Donald Trump to me is like Andy Kaufman’s alter ego Tony Clifton. Andy said of Clifton:

“I attempted to create a character more absurd in the scope of its offensiveness than any of my other creations,  I believe I have succeeded in that endeavor,” said Kaufman. 125 more words

Andy Kaufman

23 Odd Facts about Man on the Moon

In 1999 the film Man on the Moon was released as a bio-pic of entertainer Andy Kaufman. Because today is the 67th birthday of Andy Kaufman, I plan to watch that film tonight. 817 more words


Povánoční dopis od Petera, Chicago

Dear Lukas,

Because the file was so large (and my Internet is so slow), I had to try several times to download the file, sometimes with it having a problem after 2 or 3 hours!  181 more words


Taxi "Blind Date" [1978)

Thanks to Hulu and CBS (and probably some overly-precious writer somewhere) I wasn’t able to see episode two of Taxi, so I had to skip to episode three. 148 more words

Andy Kaufman

SNL Season 1 Episode 1 [1975)

This is more like it.  Man…talk about some good, old days.

George Carlin.  What a sharp, intelligent man.  With his scruffy beard and baby-blue turtleneck.  Except someone has cut off the neck.  176 more words

Saturday Night Live