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Death Cloud: A Great Book


I’ve just finished an amazing novel, entitled Death Cloud (the only teen series endorsed by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate). It revolves around the story of Sherlock Holmes, but as a teenage boy in the 1860s. 181 more words

Andy Lane

The Last Resort

Big Finish Folly, Part 60 – Paradise 5, by PJ Hammond & Andy Lane

On visiting the financial hub that is Targos Delta to visit an old friend, the Doctor discovers that Professor Thompson has inexplicably vanished, last seen boarding a shuttle to the luxury resort of Paradise 5. 390 more words

Doctor Who

The Empire of Glass

Written by: Andy Lane
Series: Virgin Publishing – Missing Adventures
Featuring: The 1st Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Vicki
Set Between: The Three Doctors… 1,835 more words

Doctor Who

REVIEW: Jago & Litefoot : Series 3 (Big Finish)

They’re back! The investigators of the infernal, the detectives of the dastardly, the gumshoes of the ghoulish. And this series, Jago and Litefoot are joined by the one and only Leela. 604 more words

Doctor Who

Behind the scenes of Sietta's new music video 'Let It Go'

Back in July I documented the filming of the music video for Sietta’s new single Let It Go. Featuring a custom-made laser-cut metal set, the video primarily features Caiti decked out in layers of gold bling, chained to the set from which she is trying to escape. 29 more words


From the Pages of Vine Line: Q&A with bullpen catcher Andy Lane

(Photo by Stephen Green)

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a major league bullpen catcher? For the August issue of Vine Line, we caught up with the Cubs’ Andy Lane, who gave us some inside information on the gig. 575 more words

Vine Line

Daemons, by Andy Lane

Khorne: Let’s Paint the Town Red!

by Andy Lane, Nottingham.

A Foot Firmly in the MEQ Camp.

Throughout the vast majority of 5th Edition I played Codex Space Marines in a variety of guises; Kantor led Sternguard, Vulkan led Melta Bikes, Librarian led Min-Maxed list but mostly it was Lysander with Sternguard, Assault Terminators and Thunderfire Cannons. 445 more words

Age Of Armies