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Presentation | How important? | Andy Lewis

Book monitoring is the ‘in’ thing it seems. This is great, naturally, but I am not sure everyone is clear on what they are looking for… ‘progress’, ‘literacy’, ‘DIRT’, ‘peer marking’, or, something else. 75 more words

Reflective Essays for Detentions | Any suggestions? | Andy Lewis

On Wednesday after school, we have our Head of Year detention. This is 45 minute, after school session for those who have had uniform, planner, out-of-lesson behaviour, phone or chewing gum issues. 76 more words

Ed-Tech | I've changed. | Andy Lewis

I used to be the ed-tech lover in my school. Every new site, app and idea… I was all over it and trying to shoehorn into my lessons. 95 more words

The Beautiful Game | A Football Metaphor | Andy Lewis

Lionel Messi is generally considered to be the best professional soccer player in the world, capable of delivering deft passes and jaw-dropping strikes on goal at the highest level of international competition. 71 more words

Looking for new music? You might as well be looking for a hit man or an Uzi.

(First sentence to be read, Julie Burchill-style, in a Bristol accent).

I went up to that London recently.

Weird that. Bristol is an almost straight line, west to east, pointing at London. 1,187 more words


Friends... Teacher Friends! | When does your PLN become your mates? | Andy Lewis

The above photo was taken at the pub after Northern Rocks by @abster (I think). 
On Saturday, at ResearchEd, this happened:At education events, the pub meet up afterwards has become important. 88 more words

You Can Go Home (To Coleytown El) Again

In 1963, Fred Cantor’s parents moved to Easton Road from Queens. Two years later he graduated from Coleytown Elementary School, just down the street.

To mark that 50th anniversary, a small group — Fred, Nancy Saipe, Leslie Schine, Andy Lewis, Jeff Wilkins, Dan Magida and Cherie Flom Quain — arranged a literal stroll down memory lane. 440 more words