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Consequences | | Andy Lewis

Being Head of Y11 has, posed the greatest challenges of my career to date. I have dealt with a variety of situations that have pushed me to the limits of my expertise and skills. 72 more words

Making Marking Work | | Andy Lewis

In my weekly #BlogFriday (thanks @rorygallagher ), I have shared both the OFSTED myths blog (see <here>) and Michael Tidd’s blog about never marking another book (see <here>). 77 more words

Consistent Expectations? | | Andy Lewis

We are always told that we should have consistent expectations for our students. I agree with this. We should not tolerate poor behaviour from certain students as, in the long run, it is not helpful to them.  75 more words

Thank You | | Andy Lewis

Is there a crisis of morale in teaching? Maybe. Can we do something about it? Perhaps.
The single biggest factor in morale and motivation in all organisations is quite simply the feeling of being valued or not. 79 more words

Good News Stories | It's nothing new... | Andy Lewis

Since the start of December, well namely Advent, I have forced myself to make an equivalent positive phone call or email for EVERY negative / concerned / ‘bad’ call or email.  89 more words

Pink Fluffy Unicorns | Making detentions a deterrent | Andy Lewis

Recently I posed about Reflective Essays in Detentions and how I set essays in Head of Year detentions. I need to review this and thanks to those who offered suggestions (not too late!). 86 more words

Presentation | How important? | Andy Lewis

Book monitoring is the ‘in’ thing it seems. This is great, naturally, but I am not sure everyone is clear on what they are looking for… ‘progress’, ‘literacy’, ‘DIRT’, ‘peer marking’, or, something else. 75 more words