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Andy Warhol art on compact disc - Part One 1988 to 2004

The compact disc (CD) was introduced by SONY and Philips in 1982, five years before Andy Warhol’s death in February 1987 following a gallbladder operation. As far as I can ascertain no CD was released during Warhol’s lifetime that used his art. 714 more words

Andy Warhol

Tchaikovsky / Erica Morini - Violin Concerto

I don’t really know how to start this post. For a while i was thinking about starting with the famous misquote that is usually credited to Adolf Hitler stating that… 1,341 more words

[News] Ji Chang Wook narrates audio guide for Andy Warhol exhibit

Ji Chang Wook has provided the audio guide narration for the upcoming “Andy Warhol LIVE” retrospective exhibition presented by the ARTMON Art Exhibition and Design Group at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (the same venue where the Seoul Fashion Week festivities are held each year) beginning 6 June 2015 and running through 27 September 2015. 229 more words

Fresh From The Oven

The Spark of a Gathering

The past year or so, my husband and I have been part of recurring events with friends and family. Once a month or so, we get together with a group of coffee friends for cocktail night. 243 more words

A. R. McDivitt

Andy Warhol. Oxidation. 1978

Throughout the 1960’s into the 1970’s, Andy Warhol explored the idea of abstraction. His 1960’s pieces consist of patterns and repeated imagery however, his later work shows no discernable representational imagery. 99 more words


Victor (Gerard Malanga) is a juvenile delinquent. He beats people up and dances a lot, but is apprehended by the police, who re-educate him via brainwashing, until he becomes a better person and less of a danger to society. 997 more words