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當東方符號遇上西方地標 曾廣智



曾廣智(Joseph Tseng Kwong Chi)1950年生於香港,十歲學畫時已綻露對藝術的天賦。1966年,他跟隨家人移民加拿大,先後畢業於溫哥華University of British Columbia和滿地可Sir George Williams University,之後他前往巴黎,在The Academie Julian學院學習繪畫,後來轉為修讀攝影,並以優異成績畢業。1978年,他遷至紐約,認識了Keith Haring等前衛藝術家,成為East Village的活躍人物。作為攝影師,他記錄了1980年代紐約東村的藝術盛況,Keith HaringAndy Warhol… 32 more words


Энди Вархол яагаад энэ зуунд чухал вэ?

Пэнсилвань мужийн Пиццирбөрг мужид Чекословакаас цагаачлан ирсэн Вархолагийн гэр бүлд гурав дахь хүүхэд нь болон мэндэлсэн. Энди багаасаа л уран бүтээлч сэтгэлгээтэй, ухаалаг хүүхэд байсан бөгөөд түүний ээж нь хүүгийнхээ бүтээлч сэтгэлгээг үргэлж өөгшүүлэн дэмждэг байсан ба 9 настай Эндид хамгийн анхны зургын хэрэгсэлийг  нь бэлэглэсэн байна.

Art Of The Artist

"Is It Art?" III; Let's Ask Andy Warhol

Over the years, I’ve lost track of how many copies of some of Auguste Rodin’s monumental statues I’ve seen. There are, for example, 12 casts of… 771 more words


One Basquiat on view at the Brooklyn Museum

Japanese collector Yusaku Maezawa is generous. He’s lending his Jean-Michel Basquiat’s landmark painting Untitled (1982) to several museums in the world (rather than keeping it hidden in his safe). 146 more words


Crushed Velvet

Not many people actually saw the Velvet Underground perform, so they say, but everyone who did went on to set up a band.  Promoted by Andy Warhol as part of a living roadshow the Velvet Underground had an impact that goes far beyond their direct reach. 222 more words



By Hans Ebert
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It’s so easy to do this that one does it without thinking: Pressing that ‘like’ button on social media. We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another, but it really must be reined in if we’re ever going to return to being selective about things and people. 943 more words


A cardinal of a different color

A male Northern Cardinal with a rare mutation has become an Internet sensation!

To commemorate this avian celebrity (and gently rib certain curmudgeons in the birding community), I created this homage to Andy Warhol’s colorful silkscreen portraits of celebrities. 119 more words