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Write the synopsis/blurb on the back/introduction to a fictional self-help book called: “I’m a cunt, you’re a cunt” - by Andy (this is solely Brian's idea)

What made you pick up this book?  You might attribute your choice to chance. Maybe it’s because you saw the word ‘CUNT’ in the title and felt somewhat obligated to check whether you did in fact see it. 259 more words


Nicotine, alcohol, cocaine (by Andy)

nicotine, alcohol, cocaine
I’m not bragging
just keeping tabs

smoking a cigarette
outside my house
right before I have to leave
to some birthday bash… 474 more words


Exercise: What reason have they to dance? (by Andy)

‘you look like you want to dance’
‘come on
dance with me’

yes, of course I do
that’s why I’m standing by the door
the furthest possible point… 237 more words


another shore (by Andy)

a copy of myself
right there
behind the mirror’s frame
looks back at me
looks worried
my thoughts cheer him up
but he knows
this will be my last trip… 45 more words


Post 1223: Andy hits the N-state...

Yesterday, you learned about Ms. Zulu’s prescription for your well being and being in your best form. Today, I’m showing you how Andy prepares to get to that desired state. 124 more words

Andy The Persian Cat

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Exciting news: we found a variant on Zuluism. Andy the cat who is served by Doug the human, shows how he gets to the N-state. He is a natural in our book. Benji.

Exercise: What reason have they to dance? (by Brian)

She peered in through the window. Shadowy forms oscillated in dusted shafts of light. She knew that from the large domed ceiling a skylight was showering the occupants in electrons. 325 more words