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The manifested Word of God

John 1:1-14

1. The word became flesh.

The spiritual word became the tangible manifested word. The declared word became flesh-Greek word (sarx) living substance

Jesus and the word are one – 1,226 more words

Sermon Notes

Chapter 1

Chapter One

A fresh start.
New people.
New surroundings.

Finally Cara and I get to lead a normal life.

No more specialists and doctors.

Just two normal teenage girls, going to college. 380 more words



Not all Wicked Witches come with a pointy hat and a crooked nose.
Sometimes you can’t see them at all.
Sometimes they are inside you. 226 more words

Progress for O'Brien in FF1600

A Steep learning curve see’s Andy O’Brien progress in the Dawson-WAM NI FF1600 Championship in rounds 3 & 4. The Thursday and Friday practice plan was to get solid track time and develop the handling and performance from the car. 350 more words


Babbling brook

The weir at Staverton, South Devon, UK


And the beat goes on . . .

Tonight Andy and his friend-that-is-a-girl are at the prom. It’s not at her high school and it’s not in our living room (aka homeschool prom). Instead, some fellow rowers issued the two of them invitations to the prom at their high school as it’s being held on one of the very few weekends there is not a race. 550 more words