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Hate Yourself Better

“Hate yourself better” is an idea Ane Axford shared in a recent Facebook post.

Not “learn to love yourself” but “hate yourself better”.

Her ideas are provocative, exciting, big, challenging, and most importantly… 192 more words

5 Things on High Sensitivity #2

1.  How has the holiday season been for you?  You may have noticed from the posts of the last few weeks that I have been cranky.   1,492 more words

Putting The Person Before The Sensitivity

Do you consider yourself to be a “highly sensitive person” or a “person who is highly sensitive”?

Seems like there is no difference between the two, but consider… 807 more words

I Don't Care About the iPhone 6

Because I’m on Twitter now and because I follow a lot of hip, happening, funny media-type people who know what’s going on and tweet cleverly about it all, I felt I was  792 more words

Highly Sensitive People

Introverts, Intimacy, and Indescribable Equilibrium

How do introverts deal with intimacy?  Michaela Chung of Introvert Spring and Brenda Knowles of Space2live tackled the topic in a conversation earlier this month… 496 more words

Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?

Here’s my take on the oft-asked question:

Short answer:  Yes, because such friendships actually exist.  Somewhere.

The question should be “Can platonic relationships between men and women happen more often and can they be sustainable?”  The answer to that question is longer. 1,598 more words

Please Pay Attention Please

I named my blog Sensitive New World not because I wanted to start a sensitive revolution where everyone is kinder, shares their feelings, speaks softly and with enough pauses to allow everyone to contemplate.   357 more words