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Weekend Blues

Weekend Blues

This weekend past: neither the best nor the worst. Just mediocre at best, but better than none I guess? Despair in all its forms sought to strangle me. 23 more words


Optimism: A Project For The Present

“It’s like your birthday, except it’s afterwards. You know how you always really look forward to your birthday, and then when it comes around it’s really disappointing? 1,010 more words


"सुख" म्हणजे नक्की काय असतं? (आम्ही 'कॅब'वाले…)

मे-जून चा साधारण अप्रेजल चा काळ. आज फायनल लेटर मिळणार होतं. सकाळपासून डोक्यात विचारांचा भुंगा कीणकीणत होता. वर्षभर जरा चांगलं  काम झालं होतं. चक्क टिम लीड कडून आणि म्यानेजर कडून फारच चांगले रेटिंग मिळाले होते…जे घडत नाही ते याची देही याची डोळा पाहिल्यामुळे डोळे फाटायची वेळ आली होती! 46 more words


I Love My Mum The Most For Her Bread.

I love my mum for countless reasons, but I love her the most for her bread.

It’s been a part of our family for as long as I can remember, baked in the same identical blackened tins, two loaves at a time, that sit directly in the oven. 470 more words

Chronicles of a Civil Engineer in Saudi (Cebuano/Visayan)

Sa sobra tulo ka tuig nakong pamuyo ngari sa Tungang Sidlakan, naka tigumtigum kog saktohang mga storyang agi ra nga mahimuot pod kos akoang kaugalingon. Magkatawa kong nag-inusara. 1,093 more words



And not Rhode Island, either.

Came very close to being in a terrible accident on our way home from church today. An SUV lost traction in the slush, spun out, flipped upside down, spun… 71 more words


The Stranger

My father, who passed away when I was ten, would tell me the same story every night before putting me to sleep – When he met my mother, they were strangers, yet the stars couldn’t keep them from becoming each other’s best parts. 819 more words