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The Shuttle Bus

This past weekend, I attended a baseball game in Toronto which meant I had to take the subway downtown. Unfortunately, the subway was closed for maintenance work. 1,204 more words


A Letter To Beca

Dear Beca,

Please don’t hurt me. I’m just a friendly Canadian who drinks maple syrup from the bottle with a straw (because I’m classy) and walks by Nutella jars in grocery stores without buying one. 1,254 more words



I had to work late last night and as a rule if you commit past a certain hour the company is obligated to get you food. 170 more words



It’s raining. Not heavily. Not enough to make up for all the dry months this spring and summer.

It’s exactly enough to make the dogs unhappy. 738 more words


A Letter To Chris' Dog, PJ

Woof PJ,

Remember me? I’m the guy you sneezed on a few years ago. I’ve forgiven you by convincing myself that sneezing on people is how dogs say hello. 707 more words


LOL! Or maybe not...

Hey guys, Sim here. Sorry for being late… again. But I did warn you! So you know we all come across this situation sometime or the other where we see the humorous side of a situation but no one else sees the funny side of it. 751 more words

Seeking happiness...coastal road trip

Special moments, whether created spontaneously or not, often make me appreciate the life that I so often complain about.

There’s nothing better than ending the day thinking ‘today was a success’…’today was better than I expected’…’today is worthy of a journal entry’. 185 more words