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March 30, 2015

Invisible wounds covered her body. They hurt a lot as if salt was poured over them. She needed the time to heal, to recover from the pain. 91 more words


March 29, 2015

General cleaning – that is what she did as she reflected on what just happened with her life. Cleaning helped her a lot; it was her stress-reliever. 118 more words


March 28, 2015

She was too focused on making him happy she forgot herself. She didn’t realize he was slowly breaking her heart, crushing it into pieces. Her heart was shattered, she was broken. 111 more words


"Constructive Progress"

Today, I remained vegan, despite life. Despite the rainbow cookies in the dining hall and the marbled cheesecake brownies. Despite the alfredo pasta, oh lord, the pasta. 602 more words

My First LSD Trip

It all began around the ending days of my freshman year in Wiesbaden, Germany. Final exams were over for my best friend (whom I’ll refer to as “Johnny”) and me because we took them early. 1,465 more words


A Dog's Life ?

I have a bad habit of taking a walk late in the evening , usually with a close friend of mine.

Yesterday, was one such time. 304 more words


poem-bone bling

“So what happened exactly?”

the students asked,

and I told them about the fall,

casts, surgery, plate, and screws.

“Ha!” one laughed, “That’s perfect for you!” 17 more words