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When insomnia strikes and you get the munchies

Ripley actually loves chips despite her bitch look in this pic.

Snack buddies for life!


Sebastian ROCKING some sequins!

Cruising through the thrift store when Sebastian decided to get fabulous and toss on some sequins and strike a pose!

My kid cracks me up!



M40. Rush hour.
A blaring dissonance of car horns blasting
Minor thirds.
The road is the stave in which we play out the
Cacophony of life. 96 more words


Anecdotes and Truth Claims

My life is filled with claims that ______ (oh my goodness sooooooo many things)___ will change your life in some way or another, from relieving a headache to curing a disease, from financial blessing to weight loss. 624 more words

My Mind

May 29, 2015

She was exhausted. She was like a tightrope walker, balancing while juggling on a fine wire. She tried to do both but she failed. The balls she was juggling started to fall one by one, and then she fell too.   94 more words


Why the Reliance on Peer-Reviewed Science? Might I Be Missing Important Health Tools?

I recently had one of my favorite readers challenge me about my deference toward peer-reviewed science, and further that by largely discounting anecdotal evidence I might be overlooking important tools in our health & nutrition toolboxes. 1,087 more words


May 28, 2015

La douleur exquise. La douleur exquise. La douleur exquise. She kept on repeating those words. She thought no words can explain what she feels, but then she found them, expressing every feeling she can’t put into words. 68 more words