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The tail-light sidestep

Do you know how to perform the tail-light sidestep?

I do.

You see, I’ve had quite a lot of practise on those traffic choked mean streets. 348 more words


Anecdote - My Wonderful Eighteenth Birthday

My Wonderful Eighteenth Birthday

On my eighteenth birthday my good friend Oz came round.

‘I haven’t bought you a present,’ he informed me.

‘Cheers, mate,’ I replied. 618 more words


My Birthday

I don’t have vivid memories of my birthdays when I was little. I’ve had kiddie birthday parties my parents would throw for me. But I can’t remember them because, well, I was a kid. 203 more words

Anecdote - My Dad drove the Nazis out of Italy.

My Dad drove the Nazis out of Italy.

Ok he had a little bit of help but I am convinced that he was pivotal and was the main reason the fascists were defeated in Italy. 562 more words


Anecdote - My mum won the Second World War with Winston Churchill.

My mum won the Second World War with Winston Churchill.

It is just possible that this might be dramatic use of hyperbole. I’ll let you judge. 368 more words


When It Is Truly Better to Give Than to Receive

This is the time of the year when many people worry about their weight, fearing that the obligatory feasting occasioned by Thanksgiving can mean additional unwanted pounds.   894 more words


Excerpt From Life: Passing Shadow

Time passed quickly. I arrived at 5:00 pm and suddenly it was one in the morning; eight hours had passed with little progress. My work seemed to be lost and suffering with the passage of time but I labored and slaved regardless. 578 more words