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Marry Away the Crazy

“Ma, how did you meet Ba again?” I asked my mother in my clunky Khmer.

My mother has often said that as she got into her thirties, she realized she needed to settle down, which was why she agreed to marry my father, whom she met through a mutual friend. 581 more words

Passing Thought


I live in a small town. Just under 13,000 people call Uxbridge home. The village, or as we say around here, “downtown,” has a classic brick town hall, circa 1879, an elegant old library, and several other historic buildings. 1,324 more words


The Lady in Gray

The eyelids of small children refuse to close as they lie in their beds with thoughts of goblins, spooks and ghosts in their heads.  Even after the underside of the bed has been checked and the closets have been scrutinized there can be no assurance that a malevolent entity isn’t lurking somewhere waiting for them to fall asleep.  1,063 more words

The Match Switch

“Baby, I need you to change the channel.”
“But honey, the match is on its peak. I have to watch.”
“I am sorry. But my show is on. 109 more words

Short Story

The Extended Play

I’ve had a different post in ‘drafts’ for more than a week now. I’m struggling to finish it, because the topic is so serious and I can’t find a lighthearted spin for it. 958 more words

South Africa

Pizza | 11.10.15

Honey, I’m home! Hold the applause because I certainly don’t deserve it. With such an overwhelmingly positive response and (what I deemed to be) success of my first post  578 more words



Whilst training on Tueaday, I picked up a nasty horsefly bite. Or rather bites. I didn’t experience the pointy end of that ‘orrible little bug once. 110 more words