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Penultimate Priority

It seems like life enjoys planning little surprises. And good ones occasionally. Out of all the hectic things happening in my life right now, I was able to take a nice bike ride to just really kick back. 116 more words


Apology for the gap between time in making parts 3 & 4

The division between the mountain range and its reflection (minus the trees) represents the gap.

Source of image: http://all-free-download.com/wallpapers/nature/himalayas_wallpaper_landscape_nature_wallpaper_1389.html


When part 4 came out, about two months after part 3 came out, I think I knew what your general response would be: 338 more words



I am named after my Aunt Malka, which is also my “Jewish” name. Even my mother wasn’t cruel enough to call me Malka. It means “queen,” but it is a very old-fashioned name. 342 more words


Let Me Finish!

The thesis here: let me finish my god damn anecdote!

No not you the reader, that’d be silly.  Please don’t leave.  Honestly, I don’t mean you.   621 more words

The New Crimson

The start of another week signifies the start of another state of emptiness. A state of not knowing any meaning except to do this or do that. 105 more words


Best Friends

We all have heard that as time progresses friends come and go. As I’ve aged gracefully, I can testify the previous statement mentioned is true. People change, time changes, time does not stop, and people tend to travel different paths and interests change. 370 more words


Lost & Found

You know that feeling when you miss something so much that its absence leaves an empty void and you just sit there, aching and purposeless and unsure of how to go on? 701 more words