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Feed a Cold

I was a sickly winter baby, or something. I lived with my family in a windswept house on a hill in southwest Oklahoma. We had a fireplace for heat (well, and lots of quilts). 1,055 more words

A birdcage with the bird flying away from it

“Why do you keep on doing that?” he asked. His brows furrowed and his arms crossed.

“Doing what?” she answered as she looked up at him and stopped writing. 265 more words



I’m curvy.

Not in the way that you think, because I’m actually as straight and flat as it gets. My spine is curvy. To the people who know me it’s absolutely no secret. 858 more words


Week 7 ... The Story So Far

Pontypridd .     Week 7….. The story so far

“ So you’re living in the Valleys now boyo !”

Not exactly. I would say in the Mountains ( seems to be more hills than valleys!) 752 more words


Selfie with the National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario #DíaDelLibro #SemanaCervantina


One for travel; one for writing

Travelling and writing are my favourite hobbies or you can say passion in my life. A lot of people wish to travel but due to some reason or the other, they aren’t able to travel but with the help of this blog, I would try to tell stories of my travel across India and some abroad as well. 51 more words