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melting moments

i used to wish for time to pass, without ever noticing that it was. i never thought things would come, and i never things would end. 147 more words

Not so epic failure

“I am a total failure”

“You are not a failure. Why do you say that?”

“Well, I failed in believing in myself, rather I believed in the world who said I was a failure. Didn’t I fail?”

Short Story

A Day of Travel

Monday was a very hectic day:

In the morning my parents drove me to two and a half hours to the Chicago – Ohare airport. The first leg of my journey to Ireland would take me from O’hare to JFK, a fairly short 2 hour flight. 673 more words


Writing nostalgia

I’ve aspired to be many things during my eighteen years, a writer now being my latest dream, as I’m sure you’re all aware. However, as I stare at my laptop, looking at an unfinished draft on my screen, it has only just became clear to me that throughout my life, no matter the circumstance, whether it be a happy moment to cherish or a sad moment to cry about, writing has always been there to guide me through. 221 more words

Aspiring Author

Lipher – My Pet Rat

Lipher – My Pet Rat

I was nineteen when I took custody of Lipher. She was a lively, loving black and white rat. Right from the start she was amazingly tame, affectionate and craved human company. 527 more words


I went to Alberta

Every summer as long as I could remember, my family would take a trip together somewhere. I feel like my parents bring us on these family vacations because it’s the only time we all really spend ~quality~ time together. 211 more words


L'habitude de La Nuit

Je me suis réveillé au milieu de la nuit plutôt ce matin. Le besoin d’aller uriner me poussait à quitter la bulle du sommeil. Après tout s’est fini et complété; je me suis retourné dans le trou de la nuit, au dessous de ma couette, où je me trouvais incapable de m’endormir. 135 more words