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Say Anything...

Traveling on a weekend is what I detest the most. It feels like someone stole your weekend away. I had a 9:00 AM Monday meeting in Chicago and I had no option but to take yesterday evening flight. 255 more words


The Spectre

Agile drops of insane reality diving into the pool of serenity. My body is swarming with each drop, each crystalline alley in my nakedness. I try to find a way out. 244 more words


My Prince...

As you all know the royal wedding has been and gone and my favourite Prince is now a married man!

So when I was younger I always liked Harry more than William (sorry Will). 208 more words



Your body is a temple
but I am a heretic
Desecrate your altar; your sacristy
yet you run to me
where you will find no sanctuary… 97 more words


Friday Free Space: Three Coffees, Three Days A.K.A. Moorhen, King of the World

Hi everybody,

Today is Friday, which means another Free Space Friday post. This one will be kept short and sweet.

Basically, I am the kind of person who finds excuses to get out of almost every social situation ever. 991 more words


Hello, all! Today’s post is another discussion topic!

Today’s discussion topic: What encounter with racism is the most memorable for you? It can be something personal that happened to you, or someone you know; or it could even be something on the news that struck out to you. 216 more words



I know I have been a poor blogger, but in my defense, I was getting super frustrated trying to format a post introducing you to my violin, bow, and shoulder rest, along with other violin-related materials I have. 957 more words

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