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Last night I went to the campus bar open mic to support my friend who was trying out stand up for the first time. (She was great). 585 more words


What It was Like to Kiss You (2)

one night i
wanted chocolate milk so
badly that i got
out of bed and drove

to the grocery
store and bought myself
a gallon of chocolate… 10 more words


Smokey and the Bandit

Last month we welcomed in a new family member – Smokey the GSP (German Short Haired Pointer). You will remember that, in January, we lost our sweet Moose to an epilepsy-related accident. 300 more words


There's a slow train a'coming driving me around the bend.

It is 392 kilometres from Sofia to Belgrade and another 600 kilometres from Belgrade to Vienna. From Vienna you are on the fast rail networks of western Europe but these first two legs of my journey are about 200 years in the past in terms of train technology years. 1,478 more words


Roach storm

My sister accidentally dropped the Pakistani equivalent of Raid–powder form– in the kitchen sink and five minutes later a hundred cockroaches (we know a hundred because we counted while stomped on those fuckers) came crawling out of the cabinet in the sink. 383 more words


He Told Me to Stay With the Books

He was eating two slices of pizza. I guess he didn’t like crusts because he left them on his plate. He was very meticulous about eating every bit of the pie but the crust. 215 more words

Would You Hold It Against Me?

Thankfully, I think, the answer is often yes. When I want their bodies, they’re sometimes willing to hold them against me. But now I’m wondering, is that all there is? 586 more words