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Do You Want A Cupcake?

When I was a kid, someone told me that thunder is caused by angels bowling in heaven. I thought that explained a lot. I also thought it was a bit rude, but who am I to suggest a tame game of checkers, over bowling, to angels? 1,586 more words



Are many of us blessed with true sagacity? I look back upon my life and wonder if I could have made better choices, better decisions, trusted people more, trusted others less. 1,398 more words


The trip and the trip to the dentist

It was summer. I was about 10 years old. I used to be the one who does all the weird stuff and thinks, “I am cool! 130 more words

Goodbye Till We Meet Again

I picked up the keys. I did not look back. I would have wanted to see you one last time. But I did not. I might find myself on my knees in front of you asking you to reconsider. 128 more words


on vs in

It’s only in New York that people say “on line” rather than “in line”, when waiting in order for something. I still say I am in line. 106 more words


My Father Once Told Me.

Yeah its a cliché, but I feel everyone has some ideology-defining piece of advice given to them by a parent. I do, my friends do, … 589 more words