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#Tips: Society vs. You, just be you

Humans as we are, we’ve grown very adaptive to the society we’re in. Basically because we don’t want to be secluded from what’s considered “NORMal” and tolerable.We are too enclosed in the thought that if one veers away from what’s considered normal, the society can easily label him as weid, scary, or worse freaky. 277 more words


Nalanda Dhamma Living Camp

By Heng Xuan

Ever had the feeling of being disconnected when you return home after a long time? For me, it was not just a physical disconnect in ever-changing Singapore but also a form of spiritual disconnect/displacement. 1,366 more words


The Mud Story

If you looked at me now, you would only see the things that I let you see: the quiet tapping of my fingers clicking the keyboard, and if you look close enough, the passion in my eyes as I tell a story. 890 more words

Old before your time

Plus One ¬†often complains I don’t seem that interested in drinking with him but I will go out all hours with other people. I say it’s also his fault because he refuses to be baited into having a glass of wine with me at home, although he will do so at a restaurant. 509 more words

Modern Living

A Letter To Victoria

Dear Victoria,

Let’s tango! Not actually, though, because I’m here and you’re somewhere in the USA so that wouldn’t work. Plus, I wouldn’t know what I’m doing and probably step on your feet. 1,303 more words


I Had A Dream My iPhone Was Possessed

I took a nap today to recharge my batteries because I’m a robot. Yes, I slept next to the electrical outlet. How else do you think a… 707 more words


A Letter To Carolina

Dear Carolina,

As I send this letter out to Chicago, all I picture is the mailman dropping it on the sidewalk¬†and chasing after it when it gets blown away by the wind until it finally gets caught on a tree, or a kid’s face in a stroller. 1,041 more words