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Working with Engineers

I worked in the Engineering Writing Center (EWC) at Utah State University (USU). The EWC had just opened, and there was a bit of a learning curve, both for the Writing Consultants and the students. 400 more words


Peter and Taffy

Today instead of doing anything remotely productive during my two-hour break between class and work I instead decided to walk two miles up hill to take pictures of some flowers. 722 more words


Closet Secrets.

My son found them in my closet, stashed  behind my least favorite dress shirts.

I knew, because I caught him trying to sneak them out into the open. 428 more words

Tacos Dorados (Taquitos)

During the Easter season in most Latin American countries, many people refrain from eating meat. The month leading up to Easter is the Catholic season of Lent – and most Latin American countries have deep rooted Catholic backgrounds. 1,212 more words

A Letter To Claire

Dear Claire

Hello from the other side of the world! I’m unsure of the time difference between Canada and New Zealand, but I’m pretty sure you’re about three days ahead over there. 811 more words


How to Tell People About the Time You Ate a Cockroach

This is a sponsored post. We want to thank our sponsors, The Gremlins of Bonesoup Pass, for their continued support of our wee journal. The Gremlins are not actually a business, they just have some extra money they spend on print, radio, and TV advertisements so that we never forget they exist. 552 more words


The first time we met
dirtyblonde curlyhaired locks
with the widest ocean blue eyes
I may have ever seen just beaming
childlike and heavy

You chainsmoked camels… 627 more words

Everything And Nothing

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i like talking to this guy Pseudonymous & actually, though he may not realize it, he teaches me a thing or two about utilizing everything at your disposal to write something, about personal narrative as having meaning, of writing with raw colloquial language that has an energy to put hairs on chests & make babies stand up & take their first steps. & the fella has had some life if his poetry is anything to go by. ,