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TFSOM is on the sofa this week

We had eaten in a quiet restaurant in Rebelva, near Carcavelos, arriving early so as to get dinner out of the way by mid-evening. It is one of those little restaurants which are packed with quietly grazing elderly couples at lunchtime but are quieter in the evening. 880 more words


My Experience with Sexual Assault

All of these anecdotes are true, and are things I have experienced or that I have seen the people I love experience. Some depictions may be triggering, so if you are easily triggered by retellings of sexual assaults – please don’t read. 1,275 more words

School-Sanctioned Eavesdropping

The thought occurred to me, as I was surreptitiously angling myself to better overhear a dull cafeteria conversation, that I might be losing my touch. I’d always been adept at listening in on private dialogue, especially when said dialogue is spoken so loudly the whole vicinity of strangers now has a stake in whether Helen got the apology and chicken enchilada she so rightfully deserves. 628 more words


I Saw It

I did something last Monday that I haven’t done in five years. Quick, think in your head what that might be. Some of you already know, so in your case, act stupid. 1,729 more words


Tag. You're It... Not!

Fuck my life. Today in particular. Here, imagine: You are a 13, maybe 12, year old boy, and you’re reading IT by Stephen King for the first time in your life, immersed so deep in the story you’re practically living in Derry. 450 more words


Depression and Philosophy

The question of what philosophy can do to help us deal with or overcome depression is a question that pops up almost every few weeks over on… 1,523 more words


The hermit

I’d decided to go hermit a couple months ago. And the way of the hermit indeed I go, albeit, this I must mention, it went quite differently to what I had hoped. 586 more words

The Stories Of My Life