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Into Nature, But Not of This World

‘You want to live ‘according to nature’? O you noble Stoics, what fraudulent words!’ -Nietzsche

Indeed. What fraudulent words.

Yesterday I bashed a chipmunk to death with a rock. 594 more words


prick /prɪk/ (noun)  vulgar slang: a man’s penis.

You have heard of this quintessential advice ever since you were young – “Darling, see the good in people because they are kind”, yet again your folks have warned you not to succumb to that irresistible offer of candy from a certain peculiar man driving a dubious-looking van.

378 more words

Lisbon: the one where I got robbed

Hey guys! I’m still working on my Edinburgh (Scotland) and Dublin/Galway (Ireland) posts, but for today, I will write about my first day in Lisbon (Portugal). 1,541 more words


Kat's Misadventures: Kitty Crisis

I would like to start off this post with a little apology. I decided to take a week (I guess technically two weeks) off from blogging to adjust to life back at home. 1,442 more words

Ringing bells and not just whistling Dixie.

Last week I accidentally discovered how to ‘like’ comments that are left on my blog. I’m not sure how long this facility has been available, though for several months  I’ve had likes from other bloggers so for sanity’s sake, please don’t tell me. 324 more words


Almost to the Bone So Deep They Cut

I’m grateful for the new gash in my hand. Meeting it was both colorful and painful to be sure, but since our acquaintance has been made (and a resulting smallish scar may continue with me the rest of my days), I can only accept its invitation to my ownership. 578 more words