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I have been away from blogging for a while now .I have been working a lot these days. It is enjoyable, yet exhausting. This has a disadvantage to it , though. 90 more words


The time I almost got mugged

Scary headline, right? In general, it was. This happened two years ago in the northwestern suburb of Mitino, which is known for being very safe and family friendly. 532 more words


Unicorn's Pursuit: Chapter 6

“I understand,” said the man.

Dawn broke above the waves, and the man and the unicorn continued on their journey.

“There was a time when I too was alone. 794 more words


Unicorn's Pursuit: Chapter 5

The unicorn sat in the sand while the man treated his back in the dying light.

“I wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t feel like a horse yet. 589 more words


Unicorn's Pursuit: Chapter 4

The man and the unicorn came to the seashore, letting the waves wash their feet and hooves.

“Let’s rest a while,” said the man. He pulled out the bloodied ropes and muddy sandbags. 936 more words


Unicorn's Pursuit: Chapter 3

After walking with the man for some time, the creature broke his silence. “Never before has anyone’s patience outlasted my own. You are the first I’ve met that understands silence.” 600 more words


Unicorn's Pursuit: Chapter 2

When morning came, the man tended again to the creature’s wounds, and brought sweet fruit to eat.

“Thank you, sir,” said the creature. “You’re a skilled healer.” The man smiled. 608 more words