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Misery is this friend you wanna cradle when things get incredibly monotonic and bland. It’s that comfortable feeling that offers you a drink when it’s obvious your efforts is going nowhere. 99 more words


My week with Ollie

It was been one week since my family left me for an exotic holiday to Norfolk. Not content with excluding me from the family holiday, they also left me to look after the dog. 699 more words



Carly Simon is in my head a lot these days singing, “You’re So Vain”. After decades of seeming perpetual youth in my career as a reporter, the portrait in my attic has become an illusion. 366 more words


when your pants fall apart, just like your life

Apparently, as I’ve learned the hard way after the first day of school, it’s not enough to just worry about school supplies, finding classrooms, and making adequate first impressions on people in your grade you’ve gone to school with for three years but have somehow never seen before in your life. 873 more words


JD's 2015 Ballpark Tour; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Part XII: Miller Park

(AKA: An Experience Unlike Any Other)

After saying goodbye to Joe and the city of Anaheim, I had to get packing and get going to my next destination. 3,776 more words


My first taste of Irish jargon

A quick observation:

I’m signed up for UL’s “buddy” program, meaning that a few other international students and I are assigned to an Irish student who will help us adjust to living in Ireland. 47 more words


Brunch Looks Good in Every Filter

As I perch on one of our rocky wooden kitchen stools, wearing Dad’s pajamas (which are now mine because he definitely isn’t getting them back, sorry Dad) and singing loudly to various Amber Run tracks, I can feel my stomach growl in sheer hunger. 468 more words