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Story #15: Whatever Happens, Happens For A Reason! (The Anonymous Anecdotes Project)

I always used to believe in the idea of love. Love was perfect for me, always. But, you know! Nothing in this world is perfect. Disadvantage comes along with advantage. 341 more words



Rita Rodricks
12th June, 2017

As children we found funerals quite intriguing. The dead body used to be laid out in a coffin on a wooden stand with a big block of ice in a large tray to keep the body from decomposing. 270 more words


Weep on Birthdays, Cheer at Funerals?

Another entry on birthdays in the Ancient Greek and Roman world.

Valerius Maximus, Memorable Sayings and Deeds 2.12

“Truly The Thracians have earned great praise for their wisdom in celebrating birthdays by weeping and deaths with joyous cheer. 106 more words

Story #14: Lies, Drugs & Emotional Breakdowns (The Anonymous Anecdotes Project)

Honestly, somehow I always tend to tell people more about my exploits more than I write about things that actually matter. Because I have a problem with wanting people to like me. 453 more words


remember the time?

If you’re talking to me, chances are …. probably not. My first question usually is … “Was I there?”, followed by “Was I sober?”.  While some people have a memory like an elephant, I have a memory like a sieve. 332 more words



It was late summer, 2005. I was 19, and home, anxiously awaiting my return to The Ohio State University for my sophomore year. We were still on quarters then, so I was always the last of my friends to head back to school in the fall, due to our late start. 1,115 more words


Gospel doesn't promote religion

​Somebody once asked a Christian friend, “I can’t understand you Christians because India is the home of many religions that it is an exceedingly religious country .Why then do you introduce yet another religion and add to the confusion? 238 more words