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Demades the orator was once speaking in the assembly at Athens. But the people were very inattentive to what he was saying, so he stopped and said, “Gentlemen, I should like to tell you one of Aesop’s fables.” This made everyone listen intently. 68 more words


Beneath the Canopy - Guest Post

Today’s guest post is by my longtime friend, Beverly Hope.

A number of years ago, Beverly sent me copies of the inspirational pieces she wrote for her hometown newspaper.  226 more words


A Certain Feeling of Misguided Pride

Have you ever lived in a house, studied some place that you didn’t particularly like, but once you left, you felt a certain level of pride for being part of that particular place? 202 more words



This is a lovely shot of the William ‘Bill’ Clark presidential wetlands in Little Rock, Arkansas. http://www.littlerock.org/citymanager/billclark.aspx

The real reason for posting it is because it is an inside joke between myself and one of my followers. 123 more words


Graham's Gas

Graham Harman has worked as Exhibition Manager for PESGB for the last few decades. Now retired, he reminisces on some of his early memories in the industry…

243 more words

things i could and couldn't figure out while watching the yankees astros wild card game

Dallas Keuchel’s initials are DK, like the Dead Kennedys and he struck out Billy Gardner three times. The Yankees lost and so there goes Didi Gregorius and his six syllable name, but the Yankees are 1 for 1 in making the playoffs during Didi’s life as Yankee shortstop. 586 more words


Things I wish I could tell my younger self

As I rule, I generally tell people that I don’t regret things I can change. This, of course, (and just between us) is macho bullshit intended to make me look like I’m cooler and more blasé than I actually am. 515 more words