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My "Near" Death Experience

Today I wanted to get out of the house seeing as I had slept until 12 PM, having had a long night and a long 12 hour nap, I was ready to get out. 319 more words


"Deep" Thoughts

I find one of my greatest skills in life is to think up inventions that other people have already invented. Often times I don’t realize that’s the case though until after I’ve dreamt of the millions it’ll make me. 218 more words


Blame Miss Veech

I blame Miss Veech, the evangelical Christian careers counsellor at high school.

If it wasn’t for her poor choice of work experience placement, I’d be riding a tidal wave of professional success by now. 1,298 more words


A Girl and Her Creek

When a girl finds a stream running suddenly down the middle of a favorite path, what is  to do?

At first, she might, feeling a little warm in the remnants of her thick, fluffy winter coat, be content to lay in the stream and wallow a little to cool her fuzzy belly. 116 more words

The Start of Summer

It’s unbelievable how interesting my life can be, it was dull in 2015 but 2016 brought a new light. A cute boy, a question and a whole lot of history classes later and here I am… still single, stubborn as ever and hoping love will find me someday. 47 more words


Utterly Useless in a Crisis

We learn a lot about ourselves when faced with a crisis. Yesterday, I learned that I am no hero.

Let me set the scene for you: 742 more words

Coming Attraction: Me!

That’s right, off the back porch and onto the main stage!

I’m taking a workshop called “Creating a One-Person Show.”

Maybe I’m not ready for prime time yet, but you know I’ve got some stories to tell, and my days as a trainer made me a bit of a stand-up entertainer, too. 558 more words