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What I Hope Is Not An Omen

But I fear is: a lengthy dream in which I am trying to finish an anecdote about some very slow women carrying tiny dogs who were extraordinarily slow in getting on the bus. 272 more words


a thunderstorm's daughter

“you know what it’s like to be told how lucky you are to be someone’s prisoner? to be told how much you owe them?” this line struck me amidst an episode of game of thrones. 129 more words


Teddy's looking younger!

Teddy and I took an olde worlde selfie last week with the timer on a camera. My girlfriends in Scotland had met up last weekend and had sent photos of them enjoying themselves. 506 more words


‘Multiple Choice’ Question

Which is better? Private sector or public sector? This debate goes on for ages. Communists, socialists, trade unions and anti-capitalists who do not belong to these categories will certainly back Government (public) sector, whereas capitalist investors will prefer the other. 993 more words


The Search

When I was in my teens

I came across a book dad had been reading

About a lost explorer


‘Exploration Fawcett’.

I was half way through when I put it down… 39 more words

Why I Hate The Word "Just"

I had this epiphany awhile ago so I can’t fully remember its context, but I assume it was in reference to me saying “I just… 246 more words


Naps Can Be Deadly: Acilius Aviola's Flame Out

Valerius Maximus, Memorable Sayings and Deeds, 1.8.12

“Another spectacle for our state was the pyre of Acilius Aviola. Doctors and his servants believed that he was dead since he had stretched out still in his house for some time. 150 more words