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I can't participate...

Some of you may know that we have had some extreme weather in the Houston area. I live a little north of the main Houston area and on Tuesday evening/Wednesday night we had a tornado just a few miles from our house. 515 more words


Petals and Pine leaves

Thinking back now I was always an inquisitive child, wanting to know the how and why of everything. I never accepted anything without a logical explanation or reasoning. 733 more words


A birdcage with the bird flying away from it

“Why do you keep on doing that?” he asked. His brows furrowed and his arms crossed.

“Doing what?” she answered as she looked up at him and stopped writing. 265 more words


Boobs? How do they work?

Now I’ve been on hormones for a little less than a year, and as an trans woman, that means that fat redistribution and breast development start to show. 197 more words


A hairy cover-up

Airports are strange places. Full of untold stories. Full of people not sure where to go. Full of chaos and silence at the same time – if you know where to go. 279 more words



Kia Ora, it has been a while. Eight weeks ago, I embarked on a trip to northern Nigeria; a trip of self-discovery and assertion. I have to say, Zaria is one very beautiful city, a jewel at the heart of Kaduna State. 498 more words


WRITTEN WARNING from fellow POW in POW camp!

It is a day in December 1971 and somewhere on an airfield in the western sector the time is 0632 Hours and from blast pen number 23 Kamelot does a sprint taxy and heads for the western dumbbell.He is loaded with 55 Sneb Rockets and 600 30 MM rounds.He has two drop tanks.He moves on to the Parallel Taxy Way and smoothly opens up both engines and is soon airborne. 2,151 more words

Memory Lane