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Don't give up. A lesson from bubble wrap

I guess you could call it a speculation bubble.

But when Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes invented bubble wrap in 1957, they were trying to make textured wallpaper. 110 more words


Mint Moments - #17

See what the newest seeds of everyday life have just revealed! 196 more words


Daddy, We Are Ready for Your Cooking

Cooking dinner, mixed vegetables, and lentils,

All I hear in the background is “Daddy, we are ready for your cooking today. Mommy made us cereal earlier.” 15 more words

By Ori Aander

Anecdotes in Life and Advertising

Anything happen to you lately, or even some time ago, that you’ve turned into a good story?

When telling about your experience, you’re sharing an  216 more words

Other Stuff

"EAT IT!!! You LIKE these!!!"

I don’t normally comment on critter training because…well it gets complicated. There are plenty of professionals out there who do better on the topic than this amateur ever could. 222 more words

Production Assistants – The Backbone of the Industry.

PAs come in many flavors: Set PA, Truck PA, Locations PA, Office PA, or just plain PA or, back in my day, the Gopher.

Best and worst job I ever held, often on the same day, when I started out in LA after leaving ASU. 1,381 more words



I had a strange day on Sunday. As most of you know, my husband has been laid off, my mother in law just died so we had to make a sad transatlantic trip and now I have a strange cataract to be removed. 626 more words