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Adding spatial audio to Ricoh Theta 360 Video

I recently made this 360 video tour of Salford University’s anechoic chamber. You’ll need headphones, and I think navigating these videos works best on a mobile. 803 more words


The silent treatment

Stop right now and listen. What can you hear? I’m betting you can hear something: it’s a noisy world we live in. You’re probably well aware that too much noise is bad for you.  877 more words


Anechoic Recordings - Can you hear the difference?

By Guy Hopkins

Last week the Australian acoustics team took a chosen few down to Sydney University’s anechoic chamber, made possible with six packs as an incentive. 352 more words


The quietest place on earth

Microsoft’s Anechoic Chamber, located in the Audio Lab where they test the sound for their products, has become the quietest place on world reaching -20dB (A weighting). 216 more words