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The Impossibility of Silence

By Ashlyn E. Tom

            Sometimes people seek silence. They want a room to study in, so they go to a library. They want a place to meditate, so they go to a temple. 2,404 more words

Anthropology Of Sound

The Manifest Image: How our common sense ontology is fake (sometimes)

Wilfrid Sellars framed the conflict between common sense and science, that arouse since the flourishing of the natural sciences, with the concepts of the manifest and the scientific image of man in the world. 382 more words


John Cage and the anechoic chamber


An acoustic anechoic chamber is a room designed to be free of reverberation (hence non-echoing or echo-free). The walls, ceiling and floor are usually lined with a sound absorbent material to minimise reflections and insulate the room from exterior sources of noise. 328 more words

Adding spatial audio to Ricoh Theta 360 Video

I recently made this 360 video tour of Salford University’s anechoic chamber. You’ll need headphones, and I think navigating these videos works best on a mobile. 803 more words