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Six on Saturday - April 21

The rain has stopped and the sun is out. It’s a beautiful, sparkly world, clean and fresh. Lots of tulips and daffodils in the garden, plus a few other things to include in my six for today. 360 more words


Wood Anemone

Back in the 70’s, before we all knew better, my parents brought back a piece of Wood Anemone from the local woods. Many years later and split into several plants here it is in my garden.


Maples and Anemones at Kingston Lacy

The very slow, late spring this year has taken its toll, and many plants are weeks late in appearing. Even so, trees are coming into leaf now, and this made me think of the Japanese maples at Kingston Lacy. 377 more words

4-11-18 Miniature Carpet Anemone from Ron’s Anemone Series (and Sexy Shrimp)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Anthozoa
Order: Actiniaria
Family: Stichodactylidae

Genus/species: Stichodactyla tapetum  (aka Discosoma tapetum in the past)

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Tentacles are short bulbous variegated in a multicolored pattern and densely packed. 140 more words


Hand Screen Printed 2m Repeat Floral Print

This technical project involved producing a 2m length repeat screen printed design using acid discharge dyes. Firstly, I drew up my design onto codatrace with a cut through so that it repeats perfectly. 24 more words

Apparel Printing

A Miraculous Change

If spring came but once a century instead of once a year, or burst forth with the sound of an earthquake and not in silence, what wonder and expectation there would be in all hearts to behold the miraculous change.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Bulb Planting & Garden Progress

Another new gardening thing for me: planting flower bulbs! I have been actively trying to incorporate more flowers into my garden to attract beneficial insects for natural pest control & also pollination. 158 more words