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LiMPETS Reflection

On Tuesday, the AP Bio class headed out to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to take a look at the biodiversity of the tidal pools. I was really excited to go out there because there is absolutely nothing like learning in the outdoors. 917 more words

April's Anemones

April’s anemones!

Sea anenomes are in the phylum cnidaria, like jellyfish. Sea anemones attach themselves to rocks with their adhesive foot, attacking prey as they go past with their stinging tentacles. 279 more words

HMS Challenger

clarity . . .

Some of us, as time goes by, care less and less about appearances, schedules and bypass things that annoy us. Why bother? Others, like me, have been working on coming to some kind of understanding about what has made me tick, or at least what has accounted for the movie script of my life. 159 more words

Life & Spirit

cleaning shrimp

cleaning shrimp http://ift.tt/1PLfWAa +dorothycutter +500px April 14, 2015 at 01:27PM: Cleaning Shrimp in anemone in Bonaire #Underwater #Trending #Popular #Picture


Turning Point

The flowering of the magnolia marks a turning point in our London garden. It’s a fleeting moment, the petals falling just as they appear to be reaching their prime, but it’s a magical moment all the same. 469 more words


The Flower of Freedom

I hold the prickly stems of a bunch of red Anemones I have just picked in one hand. I think about how lovely they are. I think about how fragile they are as the petals are torn away by the cold breeze. 318 more words

Easter Floral Crown Design Class

We thought how fun would it be fun to have a floral crown class for young girls to make and wear on Easter Sunday. Dressed in their easter dresses with the accessory of a flower crown. 66 more words