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Adorable Anemones

I love anemones.  They have ‘my’ colours of purple and pink, and are so bright and cheerful.  When I’ve had them in my garden they’ve not reappeared the next year, so I guess they don’t like my sandy soil.  136 more words

Christchurch - Central


A vast variety of these perennial plants, native to Temperate areas exist. They are deciduous perennials, we have the delicate

woodland Anemone here throughout our wood. 11 more words


News from the Garden

I do not exactly have what you would call a “green thumb.” In fact, Josh has often accused me of having a “black thumb” and killing plants, and he would not be entirely wrong. 735 more words


I, the Narcotizer

This week began with the first trials of our Pyro Oxygen Logger tools and software. To test the critical oxygen level of the invertebrates, we put them in special test tubes fitted with  optodes from the Pyro Oxygen Logger set.  409 more words

Oregon, week two

June 14 I moved 100 miles south of Nehalem to South Beach SP, just outside Newport, OR.

Very nice campground and I found some interesting places to visit. 136 more words

Strawberry Anemone

Actinia fragacea

This is a fairly large anemone. At low tide it looks like a strawberry with its tentacles retracted. It has yellowish/greenish pip-like markings on its column, hence its common name. 81 more words

Nature Photography

Beadlet Anemone

Actinia equina

At low tide this sea anemone looks like a blob of jelly when it is exposed to the air and with its tentacles retracted to retain moisture. 122 more words