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Oregon Coast Aquarium

A visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium is more than worth the time. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers, great exhibits and a really lovely space.


An Augury of Blackbirds

As noon’s bells flood the valley with echoes, I climb the path to Beilstein’s castle ruins. The old stones are mortared in moss and lichen, and mourning doves nest in the windows. 139 more words

Binge Gardening

We had gardening pals around for lunch today, who very kindly came bearing surplus seeds as I have neither bought any myself nor managed to get to the regular seed swap organised by the local guerrilla gardening group. 269 more words


Anthopleura elegantissima Lives Up to All Its Common Names

Aggregating anemones, Anthopleura elegantissima, don’t mind a little crowding. They seem to need it. You’ll find them packed column-to-column. They cloak tide pool rocks so densely you might be fooled into thinking you’re looking at bare rock. 315 more words



under our hedge:
a blue that
opens up to the world

Two Cultures

1364. The force of Spring - mysterious, fecund, powerful beyond measure. ~Michael Garofalo

This morning I used a quote that talked of magic, and I was quickly reminded that Scripture warns us about the guiles of the dark arts. 405 more words


Spring 2017 with Squirrels and Flowers and Song

And here at the Squirrel Olympics in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Bobtail makes his final slalom run of the day.  He’s going well and it looks like it’s going to be a record. 114 more words