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Aquarium Update 17

I started this blog mainly to document keeping a temperate marine aquarium; browsing back I see that that was more than four years back already! (see… 507 more words


Anthopleura on the Rocks: A Collage of Competing Clones

There are places where Anthopleura elegantissima covers the intertidal rocks. It’s not an overstatement.

But the covering isn’t unbroken. There are narrow open spaces between patches. 477 more words

Oregon Coast

Fallen Anemones

Fallen Anemones, watercolor

These were spritely anemones when they first bloomed, but with such heavy heads and spindly stems, all it took was one rainstorm to pelt them to the ground. 10 more words


A Lovely Bouquet

This lovely bouquet was purchased last Saturday from a local farm market.  The lady had picked the flowers from her garden the night before. The large flower on the right is similar to Queen Anne’s Lace but it is cultivated and not considered a  weed.  45 more words


Finally an Update!

Hi all and thanks for all you new followers that came along even in my long absence from blogging. A big fat sorry of shame for not updating for such a long time! 879 more words

200l Main Tank

Simply Beautiful -10

Sometimes two plants flower side by  side and enhance each other so much. The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Complementary colours blue and yellow present great partnerships. 53 more words


Riot of Colours and Patterns.

When we look at some creatures, we get a feeling that the Creator surely was in a playful mood and used all the bright colours and shapes to produce these fascinating toys. 508 more words

Aquatic Creatures