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Keeping a food log; My Food log

I have been keeping a food log each day for about 10 or 11 days and I am hoping to post my daily logs here as well. 36 more words

Religion and its role in eating disorders in the Renaissance and today

Cherry Boone was the beautiful, talented, eldest daughter of the famous pop and gospel singer, Pat Boone. She and her three sisters formed The Boones, a pop group of the 1970s, and achieved fame and celebrity status in their own right. 1,727 more words

Appointment Monday!

Monday March 9, 2015

Today I had a bunch of appointments starting at ten am with one of the nurses at my doctor’s office. The nurse gave me my testosterone needle well two of them! 380 more words

Don't Worry

Okay guys, I promise I will continue to post anorexia tips and stuff on this website, however in have recently met a Mia friend, and because of her I have been turned to “the other side”. 57 more words

I'm Sorry

I’m sorry for not posting anything even though I had promised I would start I feel like an awful person :(

Anyway, I’ve been SO upset with myself and my eating habits lately, and I with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I’m a lot more scared. 63 more words

Random Post!!

Dears Ana’s,

I’m just here to talk about what you should be expecting in my posts, and why I’ve not been on for a long time. 155 more words