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Here Are The Signs of Brain Aneurysm You Shouldn’t Ignore

Aneurysms are a weak and abnormal spot on a blood vessel in the brain that can cause bulging. They are usually a starting point for blood clots and embolization that can have a fatal outcome..Readmore


Relief in a Free Castle?

First of all a massive thank you again to my old school MvLG in Koblenz that organised a charity run and collected more than 8,000 euros!  4,396 more words

My Journey

Tick Tock - guess who's going to die first?

So Theresa May has finally resigned. Does that mean there’s nobody in charge? If so, much the same as the last few months then…
Gove has been exposed as a…
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Hindi Film 101: Salman Khan Part 3, Why He is the Way He is, Khan-daan to Trigeminal Neuralgia

Part 3! And I might, finally, be ready to move on to Salman’s own life instead of just establishing his background and childhood. But probably not. 2,553 more words

Salman Khan

MRA part 2

So I had the MRA done and it wasn’t totally as bad as I thought it was going to be. Still panicked of course once the mask was put in me and my head was in the tunnel. 113 more words


So today is the day I go for my MRA of my brain. I’m so nervous, I’ve never had an MRI or CT scan before. I’m also a tad claustrophobic so I’m just slightly freaking out a bit… 75 more words

The Last Dead Week, 1989 (30 years gone)

(Rambly this time–mainly because it’s a quite personal reminiscence.)

So…30 years ago this month, I received my bachelor’s degree.  It was a minor moment for me, overshadowed by the two weeks that came before it.  1,206 more words