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Nurse's Notes: Aneurysm and its Nursing Management

I was sitting on a coffee shop when I heard two nursing students discussing about aneurysm. I smiled as coincidentally I am reviewing my notes on cardiology. 334 more words



like a pent-up breath,
the rupturing of a swollen vessel–
the overwhelming bloom
that swallows you whole,
nerve cells and fatty tissue,
in a blossom of unexpected motherhood: 7 more words



Another visit to an orthopedic doctor and still no answers. The pain in my left hip has been treated with a cortisone shot. A week or two later my left hip still hurt but my right hip had become very painful. 110 more words


Health News: Aneurysm or Stroke?

Aneurysm and Stroke are terms often used interchangeably. Both are critical conditions affecting the brain. Find out the symptoms for both. Check out this informative post.

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Venous return to the right ventricle

A good illustration about normal physiology is always refreshing. Fee things to remember: Heart muscle needs to strech in order to contract, so it requires a lot of blood to return to the ventricle from both sup and inf vena cava. 77 more words

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I could literally go my whole life without seeing : hearing the word ‘aneurysm’ and still hear it too soon.

Yet I find it is more in my life after this. After Chris. I don’t like using the word ‘triggered’ since it’s become such a huge way for people to make fun of those who do struggle – but it is. 162 more words