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How at 30's i get a brain hemorrhage

Hello there! I decide to tell my story. Yes it is another hospital and recovery story, but i will try to keep the focus on the after recovery, the life aspect. 409 more words


Aortic Aneurysm

Back in 1996, I quit smoking because of a constant coughing. My aneurysm was discovered by Dr. Donald P. Wharton, our family doctor. He found it by feeling the abdominal area at the conclusion of a physical examination. 315 more words

The Way It Was

It was that summer i still treasure..

Hi guys,

First of all i want to mention that i am not a believer. I do believe there is more in this world then we know about but i don’t believe in a god. 1,884 more words


Drama IRL, Part 8: The Worst Backache of My Life

There was still one big question to be answered though. “If I don’t have an aneurysm, what was it?”

The radiologist shrugged. “Probably a blood vein burst in your head.” 1,527 more words


Drama IRL, Part 4: A Whole New Hospital

I never saw the doctor again. About a half an hour after the nurse left, a uniformed EMT showed up at my door, the kind of young man that make women sigh over uniforms. 1,184 more words


Drama IRL, Part 3: Facebook into the Fray!

Back in my room after the spinal tap, something magical began, something that still quiets me with awe.

I posted on Facebook that my CT scan was normal, but I accidentally typed “car scan” instead of “cat scan,” and the iPhone app won’t let me edit posts. 1,028 more words



It’s been a week now since my surgery ended and I suppose I’ve made a good bit of progress.  And although I’ve been slightly derailed from some of my early season goals, I feel I can easily get back on track.   304 more words