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Heath Ledger was ‘extraordinarily serious’ about gay rights in Brokeback Mountain

With Brokeback Mountain reaching it’s 10th anniversary – cast, crew and directors look back and talk about the experience and losing their beloved co-star.

Brokeback Mountain is regarded by many as one of the most poignant LGBT films of all time – having two straight a-list celebrities portray the moving romance of two gay cowboys would’ve been previously unheard of. 747 more words


Viper In My Bosom: Thoughts on Sense and Sensibility  (Which I Borrowed From Bianca)

I confess I’m a bit jealous of my earlier thoughts on Pride and Prejudice.  I expressed myself fairly succinctly in that case, yet for… 1,830 more words


Quote of the day!

“You can use martial arts to tell a different story. Ang Lee used martial arts in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ to talk about love.” Jet Li


The Ice Storm (Ang Lee 1997)

and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about The Ice Storm (1997) – based on Rick Moody’s 1994 novel of the same name, which I didn’t much like – is not the sheer craft and dedication James Schamus brings to his screenplay so as to ensure that Moody’s multiple perspectives and layered temporalities are reduced into such banality that producers elsewhere thought greenlighting  24 more words


"Blackbird I'll 'ave 'eee...."

Somerset is where Cider comes from. You know that classic pirate accent, well people from Somerset sound a bit like that but with a softer burr. 284 more words



Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

1. Multicolored cave walls.
2. He grimaces and says, “I will have to order from a larger restaurant.”
3. The needle pulls on his skin as he extracts it from his neck.

Daily Dose: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and the LET ME TEACH YOU Moment

The One-Line Summary: During the Quing Dynasty, a master swordsman named Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-fat), who’s own mentor was murdered years before by a woman named Jade Fox who was seeking to learn the elusive skills of the Wudang, decides to abandon his fighting ways and asks his long time friend Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh), a fierce but elegant female warrior to bring his famed Green Destiny sword to Sir Te (Sihung Lung) in Beijing as a gift, though once there, is stolen by a mysterious and talented thief who is connected to Jade Fox, luring Mu Bai into the city where he not only faces his greatest martial arts challenge but confronts his long suppressed feelings of love he has hidden from Shu Lien, which divides his passion for her and the need for revenge. 363 more words