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Mass Effect Month: Day 11 - Species Speak

We’re back with our month-long Mass Effect challenge! For previous days, click here.

Mass Effect Month, Day 11: Which species is your favorite?

My knee-jerk reaction is to say “drell” because, I’m not sure if you know this, but… 361 more words

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It is said that over two hundred rivers flow into the Lake Baikal, nourishing its crystal clear arctic waters, and only one flows out… the deep, affluent Angara. 748 more words

Andromeda Gallery

I’ve been having more fun getting into Mass Effect: Andromeda, and with my thesis thoroughly eating all my remaining time, I figured I’d share some amazing snapshots I’ve taken thus far (yes, this is another safety post if you’ve been… 153 more words

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Mass Effect: Andromeda -- Review

The ~150 hours I’ve put into the Mass Effect trilogy are probably on the lower end of the scale but man did I love those games.   2,219 more words



Senator Win Gatchalian (right), chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs, presides over the continuation of a Senate hearing looking into security and environmental concerns following reports of suspicious Chinese activities in the strategically important and mineral rich Benham Rise. 86 more words


Proton grounded due to serious safety concerns, and there's a connection to the Progress accident

Proton has a fairly checkered history, going in fits and starts from the UR-500 program in the 1960s where it competed directly with the N-1 for funding, to the workhorse commercial heavy-lift rocket sold in the 21st Century by International Launch Alliance, a cooperative venture of RSC Khrunichev and Lockheed Martin.  760 more words