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It’s Christmas Eve

OMC It’s Christmas Eve!!!  Can yous believe it?  Awe you weady?  Weady fur da big day?  We sure awe.  Lexi and me hav been checkin’ out ow twee since da day mommy put it up, and now dat it has purrezzies unner it weez weally keepin’ a close eye on it.  700 more words


Angel Cat Blessings

Meowllo everypawdy.  We sure hope yous enjoyed ow snow story yesfurday.  Weez haven’t weally had da chance to read yous comments.  See when weez got up yesfurday there wuz a notice on da fwunt door fwum da manager.   882 more words


CARING FOR OTHERS’ PETS TEMPORARILY – Part 3 (or Alice Makes A Sweet Angel)

In Part 1 of “Caring for Others’ Pets Temporarily,” we followed the true story of how Devil Child and Alice came to be born and why a male… 1,055 more words


It's Like Looking Straight Into Hell

Turn your sound up. Click “Play”. You’ll see what I mean.

(And no, that’s not blood in the preview picture. It’s, uh… something else.)


White Feather

It’s two weeks today since my pretty kitty was smashed in the face by a speeding car, the full

moon obscured by cloud.

My tears for the following week ensured her soul’s swift ascension to heaven. 25 more words

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Rocky and The Squirrel

My husband and I had a beautiful orange tabby cat named Rocky.   Rocky was a lovable animal, and thought that everyone was his friend.  He especially loved other animals.  277 more words

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