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Personal Song Of The Day: Angel Eyes by Jack Jones

The universe has a unique way of using music to communicate our truest feeling: music communicates to us what our deepest fears and loves are, however one must be open to receive these musical messages. 302 more words

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Mắt Thiên Thần


Nhạc: Matt Dennis
Lời: Earl Brent
Lời Việt: Nguyễn Thảo
Trình bày:  Lê Vũ
Hòa âm & phối khí: Lê Vũ
Thâu & mixed: LeVuMusic Studio
Photo & graphics: MarcMarc… 614 more words

Shock, Disbelief, Despair, and Attempting to Understand

The Beginning of the End

Fourteen weeks ago, I lost the only two men in my life I have ever fully, 100% trusted. My Dad died –  and 4 days later, I found out that my husband- my third and final attempt at a husband- has been carrying on an affair for over two years. 1,568 more words

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes ** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “Angel Eyes” is a sappy romance when it should of been more of an erotic thriller.

Angel Eyes

Review - Angel Eyes

Review – Angel Eyes

A perfect, classic romantic melodrama!  I say classic in that it got everything right – the pacing, the tropes, the love triangles, the side characters, the mysteries, the music (was stellar, great soundtrack), and the sigh inducing love story.   1,776 more words


Mắt Thiên Thần


Angel Eyes
Nhạc & Lời: Matt Dennis & Earl Brent
LV: Nguyễn Thảo
Hòa Âm & Phối Khí: Lê Vũ
Trình bày: Nguyễn Thảo
Thâu thanh: ElevenSixteen
Mixed: Levumusic studio
Photo & graphics: MarcMarc… 716 more words