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On retreat – A poem

I went walking this morning

The air hung heavy with moisture

As the winter lets go

And the rain softly falls

The light—perfect

So that the beech leaves—shaking at the slightest breeze— 148 more words


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Are Feathers From Angels or Loved Ones Passed on?


Little feathers are a sign from your angels that they see you, hear you and they love you.

Let me tell you a little story, when I was learning about angels from Doreen Virtue, the class took a break and I walked off on my own, pondering the fact I had traveled thousands of miles to be there, and what it would bring to my life.If this is what God wanted me to do in life, was it part of my mission on Earth? 331 more words

Ask An Angel Intuitive

Glory clouds, gold dust and feathers, oh my…

I’m trying to have an open mind. But the more I hear and read about the Bethel Church in Redding, CA, the more concerned I become.   416 more words



#ANGELSWINGS#CONVERSATIONSWITHGOD#ARCHANGELS#ENERGY#DIVINE..Christine: Do Angels have Wings? God: Yes and no, they can manifest themselves as having wings. For instance if one of your relatives manifested themselves to you with wings, you would probably think it odd. 131 more words


I can be you when I grow Up up. That is, if I start jogging.

Many mornings on my drive to work, I see this old man jogging. I remember the first time I saw this man, I thought he was in trouble or at least in need of some kind of help. 237 more words