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Shrimp w/ Pasta Roni – Parmesan Cheese

Today’s Menu: Shrimp w/ Pasta Roni – Parmesan Cheese

Started my morning off with Scrambled Eggs and Toast. Scrambled 2 medium size Eggs that I seasoned with Salt, Pepper, and a couple of shakes of Ortega Smokey Chipotle Taco Sauce. 533 more words


Hairy Pasta

I was showing Mom a couple of choices of frozen meals for dinner: oven-roasted turkey with red mashed potatoes or Angel Hair Pasta Prima Vera.  “Do either one of these trip your trigger?” I asked after, what seemed like, two or three minutes of her staring at the labels. 396 more words


Discovering Miracle Noodle

Miracle Noodles

I was turned on to a new product (new for me), called Miracle Noodle. Miracle Noodles are “translucent, gelatinous Japanese noodles, which are made from the konjac yam, are low in calories and carbohydrates and can be substituted in a variety of recipes that call for pasta” ( 305 more words


Roasted Cherry Tomato & Basil Angel Hair Pasta

I love pasta. Any shape, form, sauce, anything. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t worry, I restrain myself though, that would get out of hand really quickly. 346 more words

One Pot Pasta With Spinach and Tomatoes

Another yummy recipe! This is one of my absolute favs. I use the recipes on blog.myfitnesspal.com very often. They are extremely healthy, they provide you with good portion control and not to mention they are so good. 255 more words


Gabriel's Shrimp Beurre Blanc

During my son’s junior and senior years of high school he attended his regular high school in the morning and studied Culinary Arts in the afternoon. 350 more words

Horizon Bistronomy

I shall start the blog with a post on Horizon Bistronomy, a french bistro located at both Punggol Settlement and the NOL building. I have been to both branches, they serve really awesome food. 337 more words

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