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Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Angel: “RB, you seem frustrated lately. What’s going on?”

RB: “Learning to adjust, that’s all.”

Angel: “You can speak freely, Demon isn’t here to butt in.” 183 more words

R B Holbrook

Every Cloud has a Silver....

Demon: “Ou! Ou! Stop hitting! Ou!”

Randy: “Hahahaha! Demon’s getting his ass┬ákicked!”

Demon: “Shut the hell up, Randy!”

RB: “You think you can just change my manuscript and I’ll be happy with it?” 57 more words

Angel Vs. Demon Blog

When it Rains it...

RB: “Demon! Demon!”

Randy: “OOOOOO, you’re in trouble.”

Demon: “Put the video game on pause Randy and shut the hell up.”

RB: “Demon!”

Demon: ” ‘Sup.” 95 more words

Angel Vs. Demon Blog

The Calm before the...

RB: “Aahhhh, it took me a while but I’m finally settled into my new place and in my new job.”

Angel: “This was a big move for you.” 85 more words

Angel Vs. Demon Blog

Expect The Worse

Angel: “Demon listen, in life, there will be rejection.”

Demon: “Not if you have enough money.”

Angel: “Money doesn’t control everything.”

Demon: “Hell yeah it does.” 61 more words

Angel Vs. Demon Blog

Explaining To Do

Demon: “RB! RB! RB where the hell are you?”

Angel: “Demon, calm down. RB isn’t here. What is wrong?”

Demon: “This is what’s wrong.” Hands Angel a piece of paper. 44 more words

Angel Vs. Demon Blog

Accessing File...

Computer: “Demon, you are not authorized to access RB’s email.”

Demon: “Whatever, just log me on.”

Computer: “Access Denied: All usage permissions must got through RB.” 150 more words

Angel Vs. Demon Blog