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The Devil Wants Your Wings

It’s true about what they say about where you go after you die. It is either heaven or hell, and you either become an angel or a demon. 1,175 more words

The Unsaid Answer

“Should I really be doing this?” she asked.

“Yes Nancy” said the devil in her head.

“No” opinioned the good in her.

“Okay” she was so confused, as she sat there holding a bottle full of sleeping pills. 237 more words


Why Do It?

The Interviewer: “RB, why do you do so much writing if its so much work with so little reward.”

Demon: “Damn, you’re dense. Because RB loves that shit.” 207 more words

R B Holbrook

Few Rewards

The Interviewer: “I did a little research and learned that most writers and authors find little success in the craft of writing.”

RB: “True.”

The Interviewer: “Does that include you?” 203 more words

R B Holbrook

A Lot of Ugly or Very Little Beauty

The Interviewer: “Do you realize that in one day, RB can write 10,000 words? That’s astonishing!”

Demon: “That’s shit.”

The Interviewer: “How can you say something so disparaging?” 136 more words

R B Holbrook

The Process

The Interviewer: “RB, some questions.”

RB: “Listening.”

The Interviewer: “I was reading a blog article from another author who-”

RB: “You mean blog post.”

The Interviewer: “Yes… I prefer article. 246 more words

R B Holbrook

Plan XYZ

RB: “Okay, you guys, I’m making some changes. First thing’s first, since my plan A with the literary agents didn’t go through, I’m going to plan B.” 143 more words

R B Holbrook