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Sleep tight

Saturday 27th May

Sleep tight my darling Angel

Sweet dreams precious boy

Way up there beyond the clouds

Where all is peace and joy.

Love you… 6 more words


Question Before the Court

Do I…..or don’t I? This whole school year I have done everything in my power for the girl so she can walk at her home school’s graduation. 695 more words


[Ending A War] Clearing the Mind

Aerian squeezed the last drops into a small phial, as she looked to Virra to a soft shrug.

“That’s it I think, this either unscrambles moms head, or it’ll kill her, we should get it to Jade,” 3,587 more words


random red

The blood red tide sweeps

As innocence sleeps

The night grows bright

With wicked delight

In the brutality of love gone wrong

As the angels¬†sing the song… 10 more words


#Facebook: What’s on your #mind?
#Badiaa: Well, I woke up with a #serene mind, full of #energy and #positiveness
Today is the day, I told myself!”

144 more words
Your Thoughts While Having Coffee


‚Äč“How about we make this fun?”

Master asked with a smirk in the drivers seat.


I asked tilting my head at him from the passenger seat. 198 more words


The soul's journey to the gates of heaven

Ramadan Reminders


The soul’s journey to the gates of heaven: