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Scribblings 101 - Red Angel

Red Angel

There you stood
Arm extended
Smiling your
Best smile

Eyes shining
Glowing in your
Surreal abundance
Like a red angel


🎬 Fantasy shows that broke the rules of tv shows 🎬

Fantasy is my favorite genre in books, movies, and tv shows. It allows you to see so many things and go on amazing adventures. The tv industry is definitely breaking grounds in the past 10-15 years and producing more fantasy shows than ever before. 757 more words


"The Angel Chronicles, Vol. 1" by Nancy Holder Review

The Angel Chronicles Vol. 1

Author:  Nancy Holder

Released:  1998

There are a set of Buffy novelizations that are coming up in my reading order that focus on one of the supporting characters in the Scooby gang. 474 more words


Episode 208 - Will I Ever See Those Kids Again?


Episodes discussed: BSG 4×8 Faith and Angel 4×6 Spin the Bottle

Time Stamps: BSG 00:001:18:35; Angel 1:18:35 to the end


Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey; Directed by Michael Nankin… 119 more words


Losing Baby Jaxon

On the 18th of August 2017 I was 6 days overdue with Jaxon. I had been very sick for the last couple of weeks with suspected pneumonia which In fact turned out to be Influenza and a bad chest infection. 504 more words



Tuesday 17th October

The timeless rhythm of the sea

Capturing wandering thoughts

Of time spent whilst carefree

As streamlined aquanauts

Take my hand, together we’ll dive… 49 more words