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Chapter 31- Finally some teens

The reports cards are in

Phoenix needed advice

He played some video games

He was soon a teen who loves being outside, Angel and Barett became children. 46 more words

100 Baby Challenge

To have and to not hold!

Julie; Where were you. I’ve been calling all day!

Matt; It was Ralph’s birthday. I did tell you I was out on a birthday party. 2,131 more words


Don’t Mistake

Don’t mistake my dry eyes and smile for being okay. I will never be alright again. I will wear my grief everywhere for the rest of my life, it’s part of me now. 85 more words


missing in action

looking down from the ninth floor
there was nowhere to go but up

michael may have been missing
but I knew he was within earshot… 49 more words


Plaza Alta

Friday 20th April

Plaza Alta

In the old city

Red and white mosaics,

Looking very pretty

The old alcazaba

Fifteenth century

Beautiful arches

So much history… 96 more words


Full Stop


You come in myriad ways To everyone, equally Nah, no favourites you got  Between the rich and poor The good the bad The young and the mature  58 more words

For Eternity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus, Dru and Spike will rule Sunnydale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Season 1’s ‘Nightmares.’ She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. 2,090 more words