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Daily Guidance from the Angels for 3/6/15

Let the Universe know you are willing to be happy and fulfilled even if you don’t think it’s likely to happen.

With infinite love and joy,
~The Angels~


Close Encounters: a Cordy/Lindsey fanfic

“Cordelia Chase is your number one priority. She is essential to the success of this mission, Mr. McDonald,” Mr. Black told him this morning. The old man–and by… 215 more words


TV Moments That Moved Me to Tears: 'ANGEL'

We’re so close to revealing the top moment! The runner-up is…

#2 – FRED (Angel, S5 Ep15, “A Hole in the World”): When Joss Whedon kills off one of his characters, it’s not just for the ‘hellmouth’ of it nor is it pretty. 438 more words


Heavenly design interaction

The iPad changed the way we interact with a product and today it is all about interaction. This interaction should and can be found in the most unsuspecting places. 208 more words


Angels. They're not that into you.

Because of my recent blog post He Is Not Here. His Feet Are There, I’ve been thinking a lot about angels – specifically about how incredibly creepy encountering the angel at Jesus’s tomb would have been for Mary, Mother of James, Mary Magdalene and Salome. 296 more words