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: Flora Rose

I look down on you from the clouds

I smile and laugh but sometimes frown

You come to me in times of need

You ask for forgiveness and sometimes you plead… 134 more words

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angel present

Through the everlasting darkness—

amongst the starry skies,

faint sounds of vibrant wings

songfully swaying with my sighs.

The chills, they tap my shoulders

shaking down my spine— 47 more words


Bible Verse

Proverbs 28:22 ()

A stingy manhastens after wealth and does not know that poverty will come upon him.


#Bible http://www.mydailybible.org/dv/esv/2017-03-27.htm


Heavenly Angel by Joan Elliott

По-немногу продвигаюсь с Ангелом, начали уже крылья отращивать. Глаза прекрасно проработаны, сама нежность. Ресницы длиннющие, улыбка очаровательная. Жаль было отложить, но подоспели другие работы. При вышивке улыбки первый раз столкнулась с такой техникой: горизонтальная половинка креста – в части верхней губы. 6 more words

Mother's Day

Sunday 26th March

It’s Mother’s Day my darling

And you should be here to share

Going out for lunch and long walks

And showing that you care. 108 more words


VIDEO: Angel Obinim placed 7,000 GHS in the room of a woman and revealed to her in a dream

A woman and her husband testify that they were going through serious financial crisis.
They also revealed they have been married for twenty six (26) years without a baby. 290 more words


Who Will Show You The Way? ;)

Every time we are at crossroads looking to go beyond what we have known seen and experienced in our life, we are often in the proverbial dark. 540 more words