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Angelic Owls

Yesterday as I drove to work I saw a huge beige speckled owl sitting on a tree branch. It was midmorning and I was surprised to see the owl calmly looking over the comings and goings of the hospital.  389 more words


Heart to Heart

In the sleep-filled darkness
you come to me,
whisper to me the messages
that perhaps only one person
needs to see,
one soul,
touched by words unfiltered… 10 more words


A Very Vintage Easter...

By Liz White.

With Easter at the end of the week there are just a few precious days of post left to buy your Easter goodies.   394 more words


IY: 'Bad Guys' - Is It The Way They Look?

In a word: yes.

If I were being (slightly) less shallow I guess I would have to say ‘yes, because . . .’ and since I’m not a shallow person (honest!) that’s what I’m going to do. 433 more words

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나의 천사

Nhớ không này cậu này cũng ngày nè nè 1 năm trước tớ tỷ tê soundcloud với cậu ấy mà như 1 con dở ỡm ơ.. 384 more words

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