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the dull toyshop

Well, hello!

This post has been a few weeks in the making as I have been extremely busy with university things and coursework, but I have finally made time to write this (I was in the middle of editing my film coursework and got distracted) post about how awful the film adaptation of The Magic Toyshop is. 297 more words


A Few Ruffled Fevvers

She felt her outlines waver… For one moment, just one moment, Fevvers suffered the worst crisis of her life: ‘Am I fact? Or am I fiction?

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Of Mount TBR

Lovely Naomi of The Writes of Woman tagged me in this, and I’m a big fan of general book talk, so here we go: a set of questions about how I store and manage the books I haven’t yet read, or, in book bloggers’ parlance, the To Be Read (TBR) stacks! 859 more words


Wolf Alice Late at the Library

There is a Late at the Library Fairy Tale and Wonderland Event at the BL on 21st November which looks really magical. You can see a performance of Wolf Alice and take part in some scarily dark adventures through mirrors and looking glasses when Alice and her mirror image Alice explore their darker sides in a funny and gently disturbing piece by acclaimed performance artists Cocoloco. 32 more words

Fun Stuff

Never too old for a fairytale ending (2)

A few years back, I happened upon an intriguing-looking graphic novel in the excellent Kensington library: borrowed it, read it, loved it, had it abstracted from my book pile on several occasions and read avidly by the in-house team – including the twelve-year-old son, who would normally not be seen dead near anything with Rapunzel in the title. 2,681 more words

#250 The Passion of New Eve

I was quite excited about reading this (not sure why because I hadn’t heard of the author and the blurb isn’t remarkably outstanding – maybe just because it was something new I hadn’t heard of before) but it was not what I’d expected at all. 436 more words

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die