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Angela Carter, Donald Trump and the American Nightmare

John Encarnacao, who lectures in music at Western Sydney University, has written a fascinating article that looks at Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve  576 more words

Angela Carter

Angela Carter on Bob Dylan, 1966

Ahead of the Nobel banquet on Saturday 10th December, in which Bob Dylan will be awarded the Nobel prize for literature, why not read Angela Carter’s… 232 more words

Angela Carter

The Dark Forest: Psychoanalysis in Little Red Riding Hood

The Dark Forest: Psychoanalysis in Little Red Riding Hood
Freud Lacan Fairy Tales Children’s Story Stories

Little Red Riding Hood is a folk tale which has been passed down orally for many, many years. 505 more words

Fairy Tales

And they all lived happi... wait, what the f*** ?!

The underbelly of your favourite fairy tales.

Once upon a time a friend of mine worked as a waiter at Disneyland Paris. Whereas I think  this is the coolest job in existence he strongly disagrees.  652 more words


Its Strictly Professional

When the butler heard that his tyrannical overlord had finally bit the dust, he rejoiced for five days and five nights. Hours of raucous drinking and violent love-making ensued in the dimly lit pub, continuing on into his roach-infested house. 891 more words

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Review: Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales

I went into this book thinking it would be a cute addition to my collection fairy tales. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy was I wrong. 282 more words


December '16 TBR

Happy December everyone!

The beginning of December is going to be very busy for me, but I have lots of reading to cram in. All the books below are on my reading list for Uni, hopefully in the week before Christmas I’ll be able to get around to my own reading. 1,034 more words