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The Things We Do For Love

I’m 46 years old and should know better than to be growing out a mid-70’s homage to Bowie haircut. I may be a million miles away from looking like the thin white duke but sometimes I get so consumed by a piece of music, a book or film that I end up manifesting my obsessions in some way. 253 more words


Exercises in style (26): à la Angela Carter

I never meant for things to end this way. The termination of our togetherness was like an arterial line being severed – he was my lifeblood, but so intrinsic to my inner workings that I took him for granted. 353 more words


The clown may be the source of mirth, but – who shall make the clown laugh?

Angela Carter


I’ll begin with a few fragments.

‘every real story contains something useful, says Walter Benjamin

the unperplexedness of the story

“No one dies so poor that he does not leave something behind,” said Pascal. 159 more words

Angela Carter

The Fifty Women Challenge: 'The Bloody Chamber' by Angela Carter ***

A few of the choices on mine and Yamini’s Fifty Women Challenge list are authors whom I very much enjoy, but I am still only scratching the surface of their work.   513 more words

Forward First Collections Reviewed – #1 Mona Arshi

This is the first in a series of reviews I will post over the next two months of the 5 collections chosen for the 2015… 1,152 more words