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Queen (or King) Angela Carter

When I think to describe Angela Carter’s work, a few words come to mind: dark, erotic, raw, confronting. In terms of genre, her work has been categorised as all of: magic realism, surrealism, postmodernism, gothic, fantasy, science fiction, feminism, and I’m sure others and their hybrids. 594 more words


“The citronade of the pale morning sun shimmered like a multitude of violins…”

-Angela Carter


The Bloody Chamber Book Review

Fairy tales are often though as stories for young children. One note characters and predictable plots are often the hallmarks of this genre. But, if a writer can think out of the box with three dimensional characters and unexpected plot twists, the adult reader may be as engaged as the child reader. 96 more words


The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter


Carter takes traditional fairy tales and folklore and redefines them, drawing out what she calls their “latent content”. She uses existing characters and tales that are embedded in our social consciousness, and draws the readers’ attention towards the somewhat sexual, more immoral and sinister aspects and undertones. 140 more words

Emma Clarke

“Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.” (Robert C. Gallagher)

Dear reader, it’s been so long.  Let’s just say working pretty much full-time while studying for my Masters as a full time student basically leaves time for oooh, nothing else at all. 1,116 more words


Angela Carter

Angela Carter was her own woman, in my opinion, and her own author. Glancing over her bibliography as a journalist and novelist, I find evidence of Angela Carter writing what she wanted to, and but necessarily what her contemporaries did. 63 more words