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So I'm taking this writing course . . .

Years ago, I mentioned something to an acquaintance that I was thinking about possibly taking a writing course. At the time, she too wanted to be A Writer, a fact I had just found out. 700 more words


#TBT: (Some of) The Best Moments of "My So-Called Life"

My So-Called Life portrays the life of a 15 year-old girl trying to deal with friends, guys, parents and school (IMDb).

Created by Winnie Holzman…

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TV Rewind: Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episodes 3-6

Gilmore Girls, Episodes 1.3, 1.4,1.5, & 1.6
“Kill Me Now”, “The Deer Hunters,” “Cinnamon’s Wake,” & “Rory’s Birthday Parties”
Original Air Dates: Oct. 19 & 26 and Nov.
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TV Team-Up

My So-called Outfit

When you get down to it I’m a 90s girl. So much of my style is really built upon the styles of my favorite characters; Clarissa, Cher, Joey, Jen, Felicity, Vivian, Sydney, Cat, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Topanga, Sabrina, Carrie, Roberta, Teeny, & Samantha (sorry Chrissy). 451 more words

Angela Chase Is My Homie

I’m always in my head.

Whenever something big happens, I imagine Future Me reflecting on that very moment years later in full-on Angela Chase mode, narrating every furrow of the brow, out loud and angst-filled—all while I’m living it. 385 more words