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I am a bridge builder and I matter!

After enjoying four days at the Connect 2016 conference, I can say with confidence that building bridges is important work.

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“You are a genius and the world needs your contribution.” Angela Maiers

Virtually connecting shares stories that span the globe. Conversations among participants are rich in insights.

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Just as Forrest sits to talk to someone he has never met before, connecting in digital spaces opens up new conversations and ideas. Connecting digitally through Twitter or other social media is like a box of chocolates!

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Getting Started With Personalised Learning and Genius Hour

Originally inspired by Google’s 20 percent time, Genius hour can be a strong way to motivate and engage students in their own research, learning, and sharing with classmates. 150 more words

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Now Is The Time

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I couldn’t help but notice that she chose to position herself at the back of the line. The spotlight isn’t for her. 865 more words