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The Lorax Hates Me

My name is Angela, and I speak for the grad students…

We’ve all read The Lorax–he’s a little dude (like a fuzzy Danny DeVito, really) who speaks for the trees, and tries to protect them from the greed of The Onceler, who’s using up all the truffula trees to make thneeds (some kind of Seussian sweater). 361 more words

Final Thoughts - Angela

I got home yesterday afternoon and after being gone for two weeks, I admit it feels good to be home.

This post will include some European oddities and some of the best door knockers and thingymadoos. 260 more words

How I Think Each Female Office Character Would Give Head

One of my favorite shows ever is the Office. Another one of my favorite things to do is to imagine what kind of toppy a female gives. 518 more words

Anne Frank & Artisans - Angela

Kim and I woke up to furious rain pelting our window – we immediately went to Plan B which involved Ubering into Central Amsterdam.

We toured the Anne Frank Museum which left a lasting impression. 99 more words


unclaimed grief, or, processing my feelings on 9/11

I never know how I’m supposed to feel on 9/11.

Obviously, there’s a very national sense of grief; the lives of thousands of Americans were lost on this day 16 years ago, among them employees at the World Trade Center, first responders, the passengers of Flight 93, those who were present at the Pentagon… … 861 more words