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Wallace and Angelababy's General and I Interview Summaries

CrystalT, Ironfingers, and anom,

Thank you for your patience. Here are the interview summaries you requested. I am sorry that one of the three videos was deleted twice when I worked on this post. 3,266 more words

Wallace Chung


Let’s round out our translated OST series for General and I with “Never Betray”  by Zhou Pin.  The song doesn’t get much air time, but it does pop up at the most crucial moments in the drama when Ping Ting and BeiJie are separated.   665 more words

Wallace Chung

February Fisticuffs: Tai Chi Zero (2012)

It’s February and everything sucks right now, so it’s time to unwind with February Fisticuffs – a punchy look at some of the best, worst and most average boxing, kung fu and martial arts movies. 586 more words


General and I (Ep13-16): Thoughts, Review, Caps, and Everything in between

The big conflict in the romance department in General and I really occurred in episodes 13-16. PingTing finally lets her guard down and makes sure BeiJie knows how much she cares for him. 1,948 more words

Wallace Chung

Hunting Island State Park Plans to Reopen For Summer

HUNTING ISLAND, Sc. (WSAV) — Of all the state parks, Hurricane Matthew hit Hunting Island the hardest. Park officials said it would never look the same, but this past week, they presented the state with their plan to rebuild and open sections of the park just in time for summer. 418 more words

South Carolina News

General and I (Ep 9-12): Thoughts, Review, Caps, and Everything in between

People watch dramas for different reasons.  I watch dramas because most of the time I like the leads. No amount of bad press or bad reviews would sway me away. 2,010 more words

Wallace Chung

First Impression of Wallace in General And I - Episode 1 to 8

This post will concentrate solely on Wallace Chung so don’t complain that I am biased :P The first 8 episodes have already been subbed in English so there is no point for me in summarizing them. 2,360 more words

Wallace Chung