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Song in the Clouds (Yun Zhong Ge) with Chen Xiao and Angelababy Gets Airing Date

This drama we have been anticipating for such a long time is finally having an air date! *Throwing confettis!* We have been anticipating its release since 2014… 255 more words

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[Movie Review] You're My Sunshine by Huan Xiaoming and Yang Mi

I admit, I were really afraid to watch this movie because of all the bad reviews and ratings I saw on Weibo. However, on a sad morning of this lonely summer, I decided to give it a go… Totally did not regret my choice! 862 more words


How Much Do China's Top Movie Stars Get Paid?

How Much Do China’s Top Movie Stars Get Paid?

by Robert Cain for China Film Biz

Chinese movie star salaries have been skyrocketing lately; some have seen their fees double from one picture to the next. 22 more words

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Silent Separation/He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (Film Review)

Can someone explain to me how one movie can suck this badly? Oh I know, because the cast is terrible. 711 more words



@黃曉明在微博曬出結婚證,@angelababy 隨後轉發,宣布兩人正式領證結為夫妻,今年38歲的黃曉明和26歲的baby已相戀5年。





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Roland Emmerich Adds Chin Han And Angelababy To The Cast Of 'Independence Day 2'

Super excited to officially welcome Chin Han to the cast of #IndependenceDay2 @TheChinHan pic.twitter.com/LMCu5gxJHk

— Roland Emmerich (@rolandemmerich) June 2, 2015

Roland Emmerich is still adding to the cast of…

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