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...Et À l'Année Prochaine!

Cannes is over (Thanks God). As usual, it was nice to see so many international actors and foreign films in in one place, however, each year the once exclusive Festival gets more trashy by the amount of people that has nothing to do with the film industry. 375 more words

[Recap] Run Brother Ep. 6 with Singers! (Yao Chen, Xiao Jingteng, etc.)

Super fun intro this week!! :)) I only know two guests out of five, but they are still

Hehe, before I start recapping, here are some awesome soon to be guests: Yang Mi, William Chan, Tang Yan!!! 937 more words


[Update 05/26/2015] C-Movie Bride Wars Releases more Stills!

Movie 新娘大作战, adapted from the Hollywood movie of the same name, released a new trailer today! :) It is a short clip, but it present how the two girls (Ni Ni and Angelababy) try to ask into married their boyfriend, without any success… :”) 106 more words

Promo/Drama Stills

[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 Ep.5 with Nicky Wu, Chen Qiao En

Loved the episode this week!! A lot of Chinese wuxia references and the filming took place at the location where The Four (Movie Edition) have been filmed, which is extremely exciting for me :D Wang Zhu lan is officially my least liked cast member and I don’t think his ways are going to grow on me, which is kind of sad, since I don’t remember disliking him this much during season 1… maybe because he got too cocky from all the fame? 1,187 more words


The 68th Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet [End]

The 68th Cannes Film Festival opened up today and some of our favorites fashionista/actresses went to the big event. These A-list Chinese celebrities went to the Opening Ceremony of the festival (which will be happening from May 13th to 24th, 2015) and the premier of the movie ‘La Tête Haute’. 73 more words


[Fashion Feature] Goddess in Red

Did you guys know red is supposedly the most attractive color for a guy? I was listening to a radio program and the hosts declared a waitress wearing red will often receive the highest tip… weird right? 63 more words


Film Review: 'You Are My Sunshine'

A tortuous, tawdry pulp romance set in Shanghai and San Francisco and strung out over 10 years, “You Are My Sunshine” feels like a puzzle with half the pieces missing. 866 more words