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My angel sings.

Angel,Angel my pretty darling.She is not a genie nor an earthling,but nonetheless the sweetest,smartest being.Moves swiftly like the wind ,bringing in multicolours of ecstasy.She is so full of finacy that I sometimes wonder in awe how can God in creating perfection be so,so,so,thorough.Her glory is so full of charm ,her blue and orange body glows like fire full of brightness of wellbeing.Her eyes are so pure like crystals shining bright like diamonds.Angel moves and so does glory .She dances and so do the spirits of beauty.Angel is so full of beauty and divinity ,she is the goddess of magnificence.And when she sings well nightingale has to go on a ride.She is my best lucky charmer and my best bet out of gloomy times.She is my Angel of sunshine.She sings so melodiously her tunes rock the universe.Well she is my sweet angelfish and my golden paradise.She has done and keeps on doing wonders for my life.Being my best buddy I owe her a lot.She is my best gift till now I have got.Though she is not a human does bother me in zeroes.I always raise my hands up for her in kudos.She is my breathe ,my joys all positive energy in life.Through her eyes I see everyday a grt life starting with a classic sunrise.Angel ,she is true to the core.I could never love her more.

In the Water

Act 1

Well, what  a life, commented freshwater prawn to no-one in particular.

Indeed, said Crawfish. Indeed.

What about life? said Mussel eager to get a word in. 651 more words

Start of a School

I like to think of my husband as a pretty good wood-smith. He likes to work out in the garage, and once in a while comes in with cute little trinkets for me when I ask for them. 88 more words

Post 21, in which a betta has no name

So about that betta from my last post – he survived the trip back to South Carolina, and he’s perty:

And here’s his home, complete with waterlogged spider wood: 1,091 more words


3-28-16 Lemonpeel Angelfish from Ron's Tropical Marine Series

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Order: Perciformes (Perch-likes)
Family: Pomacanthidae  (Angelfishes)

Genus/species: Centropyge flavissima

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Yellow dwarf angelfish with blue eye ring, blue margin to the opercular cover and to dorsal, anal, and caudal fins. 178 more words