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Underwater | Black and White Angelfish

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Angel fish

By DrVish

Source: 500px.com


A Fish is a Fish is a Fish

I have been amused, while looking through images over the past year, at how many fish are called after another animal, or shape, or being!  Some are called by these names because they resemble the thing they are named for, others because they have characteristics similar to those things. 220 more words


Underwater | Symmetric

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Two angel fishes swimming back-to-back

By TakakoFukaya

Source: 500px.com


The Angels of Barra de Navidad .... or can you name this fish?

For all the kids and budding ichthyologists amongst the Ingrid 38 followers or the sailing and cruising population in general, I have a project and a test. 144 more words

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