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Sea Bass With Bruschetta Topping

Sea bass is one of my favorite fish. It is just so delicate, light but flavorful at the same time.However, it is not recommended to be consumed too often due to its relatively high mercury content. 126 more words


Yummy Tetras

From the moment I placed the bag with the new Penguin tetras in the tank, my angelfish started to show a somewhat unhealthy interest in them. 166 more words


Angelfish Watercolor Pour

Playing around with watercolor pours, then blowing the paint around Lian Zhen-style. My fish is looking a bit sad..


National Aquarium

We took my little cousin to visit the National Aquarium recently, and he loved it.

Diamondback terrapin

Yellow-headed Amazon parrots

The angelfish were his favorite. 19 more words


Fish and Shadows and Christians

I have made a curious observation recently with my fishtank. Fish who live their entire lives in a tank, like my Angel Fish, get excited to see a large shadow approach from the distance and swim over- for them the instinct is “Food”! 655 more words


Rave Review: Sperrys Angelfish

I’m getting ahead of myself because I can’t wait for warmer weather. If I could wear Sperrys year round, I would. 159 more words