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For One Person Only

Angelfish with devil’s boots on – swimming across the table top in the company of Pewter, who is a whale, but only a small one. They watch the cliffs of the CD player closely. 176 more words


Caturday with Fish

Keshet’s favourite thing in the house is the aquarium. It’s a lovely warm place to sleep on, and it’s got interesting little creatures flitting around in it. 500 more words


Fish of the Week: Angelfish


Family: Cichlidae

Genus: Pterophyllum

Species: P. altum, P. scalare, P. leopoldi

Natural History

Angelfish are large freshwater cichlids native to the slow moving tributaries of the Amazon river.   413 more words



Playing around with the Byzantine theme I thought about where angel fish creatures would live and made them a digital world to swim and fly in. 36 more words

Charlie Kirkham


You, my cherub,
will never know
how close you came
to never being here.

All my sweetness,
solicitude, and
everything I am.
It falls to you. 64 more words

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour!

I had thought about doing a post on the “back of the house” of the fish tank so to speak, and tonight I got in the mood for whatever reason. 2,278 more words