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Angel Message for Today-Earth is Rising Up in Vibration

Earth Changes

The Earthly vibration is rising in frequency, and we will, indeed we already have, seen stupendous changes in our lives on Earth. The Archangels and Angels are helping with this time of transition. 126 more words

Angel Message For Today

A Sample of Angelic Guidance

If you were wondering what exactly the offer is, here is a sample of the 2 card intuitive reading with guidance from the Angelic Realm.  Most of the information is channeled direct from Spirit and any verbiage that is taken directly from the card is in bold text with the source being listed as “Deck(s) used located in the header of your document. 398 more words

Angelic Guidance on Gratitude!

Beloved, the holidays are upon us!  In the United States, it seems that as soon as Halloween is over – the big chain stores put their Christmas Trees up, decorate their windows and entice shoppers with a rainbow of specials.   349 more words

Angelic Guidance

Intuitive Infused Life

As children, we are all usually more aware of the spirit world and as time goes on, if not supported, or we become too scared and do not understand what is happening; we attempt to make sense of it with our logical brain(not connected to the spiritual realm) or completely block it out.   326 more words


Blog 13 October 17, 2016 MIRACLES NEVER CEASE!

Robert Wise explores the world of divine interventions from an objective point of view. Can 21st century people believe the hand of God still touches people today? 478 more words




Both are a life saver for me!  To stretch, meditate, relax, and to just breathe and focus on yourself for a while is so important!  608 more words


Take chances, do things you never thought you would do, live and never have regrets. ~ Laugh ~ Dance Like No One Is Watching ~ and if they are, let them.  27 more words