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What is the role of an angel?

An angels role in our human existence is fairly straightforward. They protect and they love, this happens in many forms. Generally, angels help us when we are trying to solve problems, however, they are not permitted to take over. 768 more words

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Angel Card Reading for Thursday

Legacy Of Light: “You are called to bear light, to carry forward the legacy of a spiritual lineage of wisdom and deep service to the earth. 119 more words


THREE ways to clear energy quickly, and to restore your awareness of your true spiritual identity of health, happiness, and balance, which God created you as: 293 more words


Well my Angels ~ Happy Friday!  I had to share my recent accomplishment.  I had such fun learning all I can at the Universal Class and taking Angels 101.  34 more words


Angel Card Reading for Friday ~ Saint Germain: “Karma Releasing”

“Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy.”

About Saint Germain: “Saint Germain was born in France in the 18th century and is said to have been given a new identity because he was the love child of two very powerful people. 205 more words

Permission to Help? Granted!

All that worrying and stressing, all that fear and anxiety, all that insecurity and hurt…it was consuming me, and I knew it. I was so busy wallowing in that misery, finding ways to deepen it…like constantly pressing a bruise to make sure it still hurt…that I never even tried to unstick myself from all that muck. 892 more words

My Personal Journey

If you want to know where Heaven is, stop looking at your feet.

Have you noticed how we shuffle along with our shoulders hunched as if we carried the weight of the world on our backs? With our eyes focused on the ground in front of us,we miss much of the beauty around us. 118 more words