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I’ve just watched Inferno, the third instalment of the Ron Howard film trilogy based on the Dan Brown series of books. The story of Inferno follows another puzzle filled adventure for Professor Robert Langdon as he tries to figure out why there are signs of the inevitable Dantes Inferno. 149 more words


Day 24 - Conspiring to Inspire

My novel PLANET ATE and its spinoff ALIEN ENCOUNTERS may have an extraterrestrial threat in them, but the main antagonist is the government itself.  Countless cover ups and hidden truths are holding the keys to survival, but finding the facts prove to be a difficult task for the heroes of the story. 371 more words

Do You Believe in God?

Vittoria was watching him. “Do you believe in God, Mr. Langdon?” The question startled him. The earnestness in Vittoria’s voice was even more disarming than the inquiry. 693 more words


Inferno: Film Review

The third installment of the thrilling film series adapted from the best-selling novel by Dan Brown, Inferno sees Tom Hanks reprising his role as Cambridge Professor Robert Langdon, as he sets out to solve his hardest puzzle yet in order to save the human population from being wiped out. 977 more words

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Conspiracies around us - 2

So here I am back to write about the next Dan Brown conspiracies (I like to call it so….). This time I am touching a very popular subject – “The Illuminati”. 419 more words



After recovering from a miserable week of pulling my neck and back, I was finally able to sit down and do some sketches. I prefer using my Strathmore Toned Paper for more ‘finished’ sketches (if I can use that term); rather than using a regular sketchbook, which I usually do prelim sketches, everyday doodles, etc.

Grab it!

NO!  I am not talking about Trump’s latest escapades, talking about books!  That’s right, this is a preview of Beyond Shadows and Faith 347 more words
Angels And Demons