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All about Angels sermon 2/23/15

-Most angels don’t have wings, nor are all-powerful/knowing-> they are curious about us, the redeemed

  • “Malak” – (hebrew) -> angel
  • “Aggelos”- messenger

|-> These are heavenly beings/hosts- that’s their assignments (to do God’s will), they may “rule” over nations… 184 more words


Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Good Omens is a novel co-written by Neil Gaiman and the late, great Terry Pratchett. The combination of their unique styles creates an incredible story that is extremely difficult to follow. 248 more words

Book Reviews

Book Review 01: Angels and Demons

Wow, the reviews from Goodreads couldn’t be more opposite for this book! I guess this book had Catholics riling and seething LOL. (-JK)

A lot of people think that Dan Brown is a shitty writer, who creates cheesy characters (I mean really, why does Robert Langdon always ends up winning the hearts of women who happens to be beautiful, foreign, and was once his sidekick is a bafflement to me!), and writes unbelievable plots (a person could not possibly be so unlucky as to experience all the shit that Robert has been through in the course of less than 6 hours in “Angels and Demons”!). 2,090 more words

Book Review

Book 3/52 Angels & Demons by Dan Brown Review

I know I’m so late in completing this challenge. But I’m still hoping to finish 52 books this year so… I’m so glad when I finished this book. 487 more words


Angels And Demons *** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “Angels And Demons” is the sequel to the smash hit “The Davinci Code” andI think it is a better movie. I just thought it had better pacing and more stakes. 13 more words

Angels And Demons

Excerpt from Pursued

Here’s a sneak peak at Pursued. Book II in the Elite Agents of S.E.V.E.N. series. This story follows Elite S.E.V.E.N. Agent, Jennifer Long.


As Jen traveled through time with the man, she heard Zander’s voice. 701 more words