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12 Works Of Angels (part 2)

Here is the continuation of the 12 works of angels. Click here to read the first part.

7. Your Angel Can Represent You In a Place With Your Appearance. 1,030 more words


Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is back with his fifth book in the “Robert Langdon series” and I was eagerly looking forward to a come back from the author after disappointing works with Inferno and Lost Symbol. 960 more words


12 Works Of Angels For You (part 1)

12 Works Of Angels For You

God has made angels a ministering spirits. They are on assignment over God’s children particularly in the unseen realm in such a way that, their effect could be seen in the material world. 796 more words


Deus ex computatrum.

Were I susceptible to superstition, voodoo or that greatest of all Ponzi Schemes, religious belief, I may have been unsettled by events this lunchtime.

A Lenovo laptop was recently purchased for a single purpose (more on that later). 473 more words

Angels And Demons

The Ministries of Angels (part 2b) : About Angels

Appearances of Angels.

You need to read the previous article about angels  to really be able to comprehend this article. There, you will also know the… 641 more words


The Ministries Of Angels (part 2): About Angels

About Angels

Angels Are spirit.

“He made his angels spirit…” (Hebrews 1:7). Angels are spirit being. They operate from another realm entirely, the realm of the spirit. 298 more words


The Ministries Of Angels (Part 1): Understanding The Spirit World

The Ministries Of Angels (part 1): Understanding The Spirit World

Angels are God’s messengers. They are sometimes called, the host of heaven (Genesis 31:1-2). At times they appear as men in the Bible. 560 more words