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On Second Thought: “Angels & Demons”

The sequel. Tough to craft and meet all expectations, but when it’s a follow up to a successful book adaptation, it’s even tougher. So many things are already stacked against a given creative team, why are they even bothering? 1,467 more words


Inferno Box Office Prediction

The combination of Dan Brown’s novel, Tom Hanks’s star power, and Ron Howard’s direction melds together for the third time as Inferno hits theaters next weekend. 259 more words


Diabolical Angels

Angels & Demons (2009),  Blu-ray

Hmm. What exactly was this film about, exactly? Some Irish priest who wants to usurp the Catholic church for Reasons Unknown and become the Pope by stealth, murder and intrigue? 398 more words


Film: Inferno – tripe for dumb people to feel smart

Inferno, the third film based on Dan Brown’s horrible books following Robert Langdon, is yet another slice of absolute tripe made for dumb people to feel smart. 725 more words


ON BEING — The **Fountain** of YOUTH ;oD

Reflection from October 10th, 2016 @ Age 35


Bryce and Ari were just over—wound up, as all get out!  318 more words



Pencarian yang terburu-buru.

Film ketiga dari kisah Dan Brown, setelah Da Vinci Code dan Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol dilewatin gitu aja mungkin karena mirip National Treasure-nya Nicolas Cage kali ya. 338 more words


ON FORTUNE TELLING — NOT So Hard, When The Story’s ALREADY Been Told ;oD

Reflection from January 22nd, 2016 @ Age 34

RE:  C’MONNNNNNN, LADY **L**I**B**E**R**T**Y** ;oD

Hi!  It’s me ;0)

Sigh.  I’m pretty exhausted and don’t know where to begin—but, I do have this fortune cookie here from dinner tonight Mama brought home.  615 more words