Angels & Demons

Last time, Benjamin Corey was feeling rather pleased with himself that he’s able to take a more considered, adult approach to the Bible. He doesn’t interpret it like those dim-witted fundamentalists. 401 more words


Cinnamon and Saffron

Cinnamon lips, saffron hair,
I ask where our dance leads
as we cavort through the air.

Our time is endless laughter
your lips are sparkling wine… 29 more words


Daily Bliss - January 16

The Angels remind us that we are the heart of God…living, breathing, with the ability to bring peace to others, or to bring war through our words and actions. 7 more words

Daily Bliss

Perfect Meeting Angels

I am Jean Valjean

The newer, updated kind

With a heart wishing benefits but only for drama

May my righteous intentions

Counteract my words and actions… 200 more words


Ask your angels to help you on your journey.

Whichever stage of your spiritual path you have reached, the angels can show you further guidance about your life, they can help and guide you each step of the way, if you let them. 512 more words