Aquinas: Can Angels Make Mistakes?

In 1a.58.5, Aquinas asks if angels can fall into error. He’s working up towards a theory of why the devil exists, so pay attention. He starts off by saying angels can fall into error, which – hang on, that’s not right. 993 more words



Take these ashes
And build a heaven for them
Bring forth the angels


31 Days, Freely - Audience

Today was a series of exchanges and conversations.

Late last night, I loaded up my artwork and joined today, the morning marketers of creations, all of us gathered on the lawn. 320 more words

Brothers & Sisters in Heaven

My children know one day they will get to meet their brothers and/or sisters in heaven.  My husband and I know one day we will meet those babies we never got to kiss here on earth.  316 more words


He Proposes, She Says Yes, I say "I Want To Visit Every MLB Stadium"

As I write this, I’ve already traveled to eight Major League Baseball stadiums with each individual trip a story in itself. Before I talk about my weekend in Anaheim and San Diego, I want to provide some context on how this idea of visiting 32 stadiums came to be and how the legend of Gonzalo began. 1,836 more words


Death by drinking

The angel of the darker drink. One of my favourite illustrations from one of my favourite poems.


The Tide, Part V

Remembering no more the
former times, and being
given to our separateness
we sung like tuning forks
according to the strange
cosmic reverberations of the… 159 more words