on the way back to the mainland
I met a man who said he could see angels

I dismissed this as fairytale
but he was adamant… 17 more words


Wins and Weaknesses Wednesday/Dreams?

Do you remember your dreams?  I realized today that I eliminated my “Dreams” day when I chose “Wins and Weaknesses.”  I’m not sure whether I want to have a blog just on dreams or not.  932 more words

Life Journey

Daily Bliss - May 25

The Angels want us to know that the very fabric of our lives is interwoven. Though individual, we are stitched together with threads too small to see but felt very real if torn apart or damaged. 21 more words

Daily Bliss

Rebirth: Book One of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles

Only two more days left on this blog tour! I’m so glad to be part of it. Find out the next tour stop, as well as where to buy this book at the end of this post. 997 more words


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go


Students get marks on their homework and test papers. Sometimes marks are made in red ink – as I recall, these might be for unsatisfactory performance…and no, I’m not saying that I might have gotten a red mark or two, and I’m not saying I didn’t. 298 more words

Card For Today

Our card for today, Wednesday, May 25th, is taken from the Wisdom of the House Of Night Oracle Cards – Grove – “I, Nyx, the Goddess of Night, invite you to my grove to heal your wounds and mend your heart.” 336 more words