The Unworthy Prophet | Flash Fiction

Anyone with an inkling of understanding for how the world works knows that humankind is capable of infinitely more than it demonstrates on a daily basis. 1,012 more words


Card of the Day: 01.19.18

Have Confidence.

Call on Archangel Michael to help you feel more confident, and prepared to take on the world. Since the new year has begun, a lot of us have been focusing on what we want to create and accomplish this year. 125 more words

Mantras & Cards.

A Conversation with The Angels

Angels (“A”): Hey.

Me: Hey, whazzup guys?

A: Ya done good, Son.

Me: Mmm…

A: Any regrets?

Me: ’bout what?

A: What we asked you a couple months ago. 535 more words


Country Angels

Rustic angelic design suspended from .925 chain, set includes matching earrings. When purchasing please include choice of copper angel or stainless steel angel in comments. 21 more words


God’s angels are all around us and they are closer than we think. The interesting thing about angels is that they walk and move in a strong presence of God and it’s a strange life for Christians because often looking back they can see and remember that at difference times in their lives there was a strong presence of God or not, in other words, this strong presence of God would come and go in various situations and with different people. 1,465 more words



I love the word. It feels good, hopeful, concrete and optimistic.

I like the part of it that feels like a plan.

Feels like faith not force. 219 more words

Getting What We Want

Reading:                                      Psalm 78

(Verses 23-31)
Yet he gave a command to the skies above
and opened the doors of the heavens;
he rained down manna for the people to eat,
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