Ok! Wow! Just give me a second…

This is probably, without-a-doubt, as far as I am concerned, THE BEST ‘strictly’ Christian Novel that I have read to date. 338 more words


To begin with!

If you listen carefully to your God – then only a whisper is needed, but if you don’t listen to Him – you will be shaken. 97 more words


Marine Angels on Assignment

It was the early Seventies,  I was going to college at Southern Oregon University. It was a time of great social upheaval and cultural change. I met a girl from California and we became friends. 575 more words

Los Angeles

No, not Tinseltown. I’m talking about the city’s namesake. You know, those robe wearing celestial beings with feathery wings sprouting up from their shoulder blades. 1,400 more words


Ghosts. What's it all about?

What are ghosts? Are they real?

There are the yes’, the nopes and those hovering in between.

Pardon the pun.

Whatever the cause of paranormal experiences there’s no denying that a large number of people claim to have had an experience that is beyond natural themselves. 1,905 more words


Little Deaths

There are these moments when things

don’t seem to add up and I don’t know

if I am losing time or evolving into

something else. All I do know is… 9 more words


The Father's nature

So many people have different perceptions about God. Some have developed this perception based on logical reasoning, some based on assumption of who they think God is and some try to paint God to act the way they would react in some situations. 453 more words