Bacon, Eggs and God


But his flesh upon him shall have pain, and his soul within him shall mourn.

Think about the last time you had a dental appointment. 521 more words


Where the Dragonflies are...

Where The Dragonflies Are…….

I want to be where the Dragonflies are
Where faeries flutter under shining stars

Pure iridescent shimmering wings
Seek ethereal, esoteric and astral things… 222 more words

Supernatural Writing

What Will It Take For The Angels To Return To Glory In 2018?

Photo By: AP Photo/Ray Carlin

Well, the Angels are a new team, with a new staff, and a new beginning. Mike Scossia has finally stepped down as manager after one of the longest tenures by any manager in the MLB. 542 more words


The Most Interesting Trade Of The Offseason That Nobody Is Talking About

Five days ago, the Angels traded southpaw reliever Jose Alvarez to the Angels for right-handed bullpen piece Luis Garcia. Despite both of these guys being proven major league pieces being swapped for each other in a one for one deal, there was not a whole lot of buzz on this deal. 1,767 more words


Angels in the Netherworld: A Haibun

We sit round a low-burning fire at night, deep in the quagmires of Acheron, and I slowly look at my beautiful companions, all of them nonpareil numina. 105 more words


His Coming. Christmas Devotional. December 11

Driving up the mountain to Boone I was surprised by a flock of small birds that flew out from some nearby trees along the roadside. The sky was covered by these tiny black specs, thousands of them flying off to some unknown destination. 442 more words