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Forest of Lost Souls

Now that I’m 42% Done, we enter into a new area. The Forest of Lost Souls.

This place is small, as is with the forests, but will show a lot of story line. 141 more words

City of The Lost

Probably the first major MAJOR city area I’ve done in the Story of Darkness Ark. It has both planned Side quests, suggested Sidequests, and the obvious mandatory quests to move onto the next area. 176 more words

"Story of Darkness" Questline

This is the First Quest Ark in Angelscraft New RP section. I will not be including already made details or answers to fights, because there will be a strategy involved in some. 197 more words

Angelscraft promo

Keep in mind that we’re still in transition to RP PVP,
we have the 3 kingdoms and the quests are being made, plugins tested, so in the mean time We’ll be doing events to keep you all entertained

Late Livestream and new spawn

The livestream for today will be at 6 pm central U.S. Time instead of 5.

Angelscraft has finished it’s new spawn, which is fucking amazing, and I’ll be doing a promo video for it before I livestream… 8 more words


Sorry I havent posted much lately, with storms and such in my area it’s difficult to livestream. I’ve also been really busy. So here’s An update for you. 178 more words

Angelscraft Poll

http://angelscraft.enjin.com/   <—-Click this link to vote (if you’re an angelscraft member, if not apply) on if the Server should go Rp Style.

Since I said I wont lie on here, I voted yes. 50 more words