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Leprechauns for sale

Go to amazon.com, and the first graphic to load is this…

Now, I ask you, FOR WHAT!!! A pot of gold?  Lucky Charms? Some green piece of apparel to keep you from getting pinched?   65 more words


The Variations Among Guys and Ladies in Their Expression of Depressed Emotions

Typical complaints of significant depression embody: feeling depressed; reduction of curiosity or pleasure in routines they use to take pleasure in; Emotions of guilt, hopelessness and worthlessness; suicidal ideas or recurrent ideas of death; rest disturbances (rest a lot more or less); appetite and excess weight modifications; problem concentrating; and, lack of power and fatigue. 931 more words


Prophetic Journey

My understanding of the prophetic has expanded as God has written my story.  I knew instinctively that we cultivate words on the inside of us.  God began speaking to me about introversion and a friend showed me what a calling was.   143 more words

Youth Christian Life Skills

The Bible’s teaching about mastering Christian life skills are critical in living a successful life. Life on this earth is plagued with problems, as the Bible teaches through Job, “For man is born for trouble, as sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7). 171 more words


Fat Chicks

Just saw an ad for the movie “Pitch Perfect”.  It features a heavy girl who is shown in one scene running to the front of the stage and ripping her blouse open.   917 more words


Resentment, thy name is....

I am finding I’m having a tough time dealing with some people’s success. I’ve become bitter and resentful, particularly when I perceive that someone whose path has been clear their whole life has the gall to tell anyone how they, too, can be successful or otherwise tell them how to live. 1,411 more words