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Anger issues

Someone I saw yesterday at the Trans day of remembrance service commented on the fact that I seem less angry.

In previous friendships, I was told I was too angry. 245 more words


The House of Closed Doors

It’s easy to walk down a hallway of your mind, brightly lit, and avoid the closed off rooms you pretend don’t exist.  I have been doing this for decades.  1,550 more words

Anger Issues

I have anger issues, to use a well-worn phrase that means nothing. I feel angry! I feel no anger! Both are equally suspect, on the fringes, but only someone who feels angry is medicated, or expected to change. 22 more words

Are you holding someone back?

I had a dream the other week that Tilda was a judge on X-factor and also doing some other cool job which I can’t remember what it was, anyway in my dream I asked myself how I felt about Tilda being such a high flyer, and I was fine about it, however this is not always the case, especially some of us men have grown up believing that we have to earn more then ladies, for me it makes no difference, I actually asked Tilda if we can be a non traditional couple where she goes and earns all the money and I stay at home and look after the cat (she didn’t say yes or no, I think that means yes ha ha ha) anyway one might be holding someone back and not even realising it. 95 more words


forgive yourself

so i haven’t been posting for some time (blame it on uni) and now i’m laying in my bed at midnight and can’t sleep so i’m writing. 383 more words

Mental Health

What should your response be if a Christian woman comes to you and tells you she is being abused?

John 15: 12, This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you…

I saw something the other day on a reformed site on Facebook that broke my heart. 1,771 more words

Domestic Abuse

Anger? Over It! - Discriminated Against? Done!

By Amy Temple

I have dealt with all sorts of rejection ever since I was diagnosed with a learning disability at the age of 5. 751 more words

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