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Enrolling in Anger Management Classes

Since my parents divorced when I was fifteen I have been on a downhill spiral. Well the other day I came home from the office and the kids were screaming and the wife was complaining and I really had a hard time controlling my anger. 108 more words

Anger Management

Employers Turn to Anger Management to Increase Moral

It is natural that in every organization comprising more than one person there will always be misunderstanding. This is due to our difference in innate character. 503 more words

Court Ordered Anger Management

Teens (and parents) Get Relief from Anger Management Classes

Anger management can be one of the biggest problems that face teens and parents today. For the parents, it can be their children’s unreasonable and infuriating acts of self-destruction, followed by the infamous answer of, “I don’t know.” For teens, it can be the idea that they get no freedom, and no responsibility, followed by a feeling of being trapped. 476 more words

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Anger Management Courses Assist Parents to Communicate Better

As a child grows, so does the parent. Some parents may experience in their childs behavior what’s called Oppositional Defiant behavior. This will present itself in the form of constant anger and disrespect, particularly towards adults and those in authority. 577 more words

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