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It's only Tuesday [~Lie~]

[~Lie~]: Throughout this blog post, I am openly lying because I will be talking about my job and people I work with. I do not wish to identify what I do for a living or specific people. 1,049 more words

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The Evils of "Should"

Recently I wrote a posting about Self Abuse. QP had some interesting insight on the dangers of that evil word “should”.  Here are her thoughts: 278 more words


An angry letter

What makes me more angry than anything is that you have the audacity to tell me that you forgive me and tell me that this isn’t my fault. 505 more words

Catharsis: Mine and Yours

Courtesy of QP:

This weekend I held a side event at Debauchery called Catharsis.

The premise was based on the strangest advice I ever got from a therapist. 490 more words



Indescribable Beauty.

Indescribable Pain.

Lucy lost one third of her beautiful long tail. My heart broke. No, my heart did not smash into smithereens, and no, it did not lie bleeding on the ground. 888 more words



Originally written in February of 2011…

“I am so freakin’ hungry!” screamed Hannah as she threw herself down on the couch.

“Calm down, little girl. The pizza will be here any minute.” Cam was trying desperately to get his girlfriend to relax. 401 more words

Something I Made Up

Another Waste of Day

I am just angry. Well I guess I shouldn’t say  “just”. But never never mind.

As soon as I woke I heard barking this morning. That was with ear plugs in. 718 more words

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