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Day 4: Writing Retreat Reflection

Earlier this month, I confided to my mother that I was disappointed when my former best friend didn’t show up for my 31st birthday. I’m not sure why, maybe it was because the last time we “spoke” (texted) was on her 30th birthday — six months prior, but I had some expectation that I would (at least) receive a generic “happy birthday” text. 1,619 more words


How to Put out the Fire of Anger

Continued from here.

As I pointed out in my last blog entry, anger is a choice. So, whenever you feel angry, don’t let yourself off the hook by assuming that you have no control over your anger. 378 more words


The Importance of Being the Villain

We as people can be united by our loves, hundreds flock to a convention that features their favorite movie. Seconds go by and yet they are all there for a common cause. 347 more words

Luke 12:4

And I say unto my friends be not afraid of them that kill the body and after they have  no more that they can do. Luke 12:4


Satisfied with my day..

My cousin asked me to see if I could find him a sweet cherry tree for his property, so I spent an hour at the nursery, looking at all the lovely plants. 175 more words

Treat anger with tenderness

I just read a lovely post on grieving.  https://naijawomanchronicles.com/2017/01/18/the-five-stages-of-grief/ and it made me reflect upon how tied together grief and anger actually are and it made me raise this question, how much more aware and more skilful could we be as a society if we had a deeper understanding and empathy for what actually can lie at the base of anger and how often grief and anger are connected? 667 more words

Grief And Loss