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Garbage Sessions

Hunks of rubbish

Scattered bottle caps

Lumps of fast food containers

Dried up cheese stuck to a

week old pizza box

Sour milk and pickle juice… 61 more words


Hard to forget

I’m putting my kids to sleep while writing this post. My mind is in a bit of turmoil as I am dealing with some very negative emotions. 1,329 more words

Everyday Life

A Madman's Letter

Dear you,

I have a feeling inside of anger and fear, restless leg syndrome and every night, the desire for a cease. Water in the morning only makes it clear. 218 more words


Beyond the Gate [chapter 5/ final chapter]

Father and Elder Matthew leave early in the morning, most of the shops still open at dawn, a hold over from when they had free rule of the town, before the devil halved their numbers and drove the righteous behind the walls. 2,049 more words


Numb Prayers

Foolish and dumb I crumble

Stuck in a wrecking atmosphere

Drifting out of consciousness

Wishes fall beneath my feet

I can’t move

A jolt of discomfort shatters within… 48 more words


December 18, 2018

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Twitter recently.  The direction of my thinking on this social media platform is mostly aimed at trying to determine if it’s something I want to continue using.  635 more words

matador motive

anger o motive

Locked in

a hundred miles an hour

down a cattle shoot path

Grab hold

wearing razor wire armor

tearing hands reaching toward me… 14 more words