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Fazilet Hanim Ve Kizlari - I Lied To Myself

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“From the beginning I knew about this situation.”

“I knew exactly how you looked at her, how you loved her.”

“But every time I asked you about it, you denied me, you lied to me.” 57 more words

As They Cave In

Thoughts cave in; it’s futile to pull them back

With taut muscles and wrecked brains

Fragments of disillusioned emotions also surrender

Once, only a flicker of a path was available… 61 more words


I'll Say it, He Hurt Me!

There are things that happen in our lives, that hurt like a dislocated knee. Those hurts cause us to double over with the pain, but it isn’t a hurt triggered by something someone did. 395 more words


Thought of the Day

Money makes the world go round, not love. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


Life got you down? Don't get mad, write a blog.

Sometimes you spend years working on yourself, developing yourself, taking steps toward your goals, trying new things, opening new doors, putting yourself out there – with career, with relationships, with creating a purpose for yourself — and yet you end up in a place where nothing is opening up the way you want or expected it to, the things you’re doing – though you may be good at them, seem empty, meaningless. 575 more words

A thought called Fear

Life can often feel like we have no choice or that we are out of choices. I am learning that it is simply that the choices that you can choose from are a lot of work. 61 more words