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It’s been a whirlwind these past 2 months. My employer decided to shut down our workplace. It’s been bittersweet because while it gave me the “out” I’ve been searching for, it also caused more stress because I had to find another job quickly and it left us all with unresolved issues due to her alcoholism. 699 more words


PTSD: It's Not Just For Veterans

It feels almost disrespectful to say that I have PTSD.

All of my life, I equated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with a soldier coming home from war and attempting to live in a relatively safe, uneventful world, but continuing to feel unsafe after seeing and hearing and doing everything he or she saw, heard, or did. 2,482 more words


Anger and Talking

So I’ve had a weird one today.

My day started out in a way my days very rarely start out, I was comfortable in bed and didn’t want to wake up or get up so I spent a good couple of hours drifting in and out while my other half buzzed about the house. 887 more words


My hope for you - a poem to those who tried to destroy us

Okie Dokie…Upon J♥️’s request…here is a repost of *my dark side* Just keepin’ it blood raw!

My Hope for You

Whoa for the thoughts
That cross my mind… 256 more words

Poetry By LDW

My pet peeves

Within the left-hand path there are many different individuals and paths, each with their own individual practices and core beliefs. It is the variety of paths and individualism that makes the left-hand path a thing of absolute beauty. 592 more words

Anger is...

Language is a Virus writing prompt

Write 10 lines, each starting with the words, Anger is… 

  1. Anger is blinding
  2. Anger is dangerous
  3. Anger is an obstacle…
  4. 32 more words

Too Much to Say. Too Scared to Say It.

Do you ever have a day you have so much to say, but nothing really comes out?

That is how today is for me.

Or do you ever have something to say and are afraid you will be judged or called crazy for it? 21 more words

Interpersonal Trauma And Betrayal