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“It’s not that I disagree with his views; I just think he’s too angry.”

“Of course he’s angry. We’re all angry! Honestly, how can you not be angry?” 69 more words


On Hiding and Anger (Part II)

A few years ago, I realized that I was generally angry on Saturday mornings. I stomped around the house, hiding away in my office, fuming at whatever perceived slight had set me off. 582 more words


Final Feelings

A phrase gathered from DBT and recited to myself on repeat is –“No feeling is final.”  I say it to myself when my feelings are at in the bottom barrens of awful and when they are gleefully pleasant.   947 more words


Fekitoa's anger

It’s a big thing for Malakai Fekitoa to publicly admit he has problems with anger. Good on him.

NZ Herald: All Black Malakai Fekitoa admits anger issues… 182 more words


Rahhhhh (Someone's Angry)

Today I have been angry the entire day, and although the emotion is justified, its intensity most probably is not. Despite knowing this, I have not been able to regulate the feeling and it has been upward of 6 hours. 475 more words



-Due to recent family emergencies I was unable to make the last two posts, sincere apologizes for breaking my everyday post rule.

I have so much I want to just sit and write about right now but I’m scared to let things out. 311 more words



I’m feeling very angry. Frustrated.

I don’t know who I’m angry at. Maybe everyone who takes having a baby for granted, who seems to breeze through life without a worry in the world. 267 more words