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When My Depression Turns to Anger

Self care is not something that I practice regularly. I know how important it is, and all of the benefits but somehow I never am able to make time to just breathe. 249 more words


Feeling Angry? Amy's Story Might Help

This is a re-telling of a story I read many years ago. It is a story that has stayed with me — so much that it has become part of the fabric of who I am.   711 more words


Losing My Voice

It is fairly accurate to say that up until about two years ago I had a very idyllic view on the world. I knew bad things happened, and that the good guy didn’t always win, but I had never really been in a situation where I was on the receiving end of the injustice. 706 more words

Brain Dump

Emotions of the day

There are some days where there are too many emotions over powering you. Your day might start with anger burning inside you turning your mood off continuing to go normal and occasional spur of emotions and then finally ending while eating ice cream and writing your blog for the day. 9 more words

Daily Blogs

The Power of Confession and the Reality of God's Grace

I am a person who actually likes confession. I realize my need for sisters-in-Christ to be in prayer for me in this area, that overcoming sin is not something the Lord meant for us to do by ourselves. 914 more words


black note

Write a poem to the night

Have to end it

But a voice keeps whispering

Telling to stay alive

For no one but me

No use whatsoever… 13 more words


Tired Eyes

Those dry eyes can give birth to a lonely soul who can give birth to a thousand and one night full of stars

But still, … 85 more words