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When you tell me you’re in pain
I can not believe

I do not believe in empty words
You are mediocre

Just think of you… 160 more words

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Misconceptions of Grief: Trusting Your Mind with Loss.

Since becoming a clinical mental health counselor, I have seen loss that I could have never imagined. From children losing parents too soon, to parents losing children, to friends losing friends to drug use and suicide. 1,301 more words

I have actually slept super well for the last 3 nights in a row! I’ve slept long and deeply. I woke up only about 4 times each night- that’s a world record for this past year and a half. 749 more words


So, I’ve decided I’m gonna take a break. Not sure how long for, or even if it could be considered an ‘actual’ break in ‘mainstream’ terminology. 1,473 more words


The Power of Forgiveness

My grandson Christopher is one of the biggest joys of my life. He is sweet and still has an innocent spirit. We find out Monday if he will be entering the Army in January. 313 more words


Gathas: Little Known Mindfulness Gems

Do you ever feel like your head might explode because you have too many thoughts and worries spinning around in there? When your mind is overloaded, it’s hard to make your best parenting decisions. 777 more words


Anger Can Be Our teacher.

When one feels angry about life and what is going on we tend to internalize all of our faults. I believe that anger at people is actually a mirror of why we are angry at ourselves. 687 more words