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Is my run over?

I feel like I am letting go of my dreams.

For a long time I held a handful of colorful helium balloons. Today I let them fly off into the air. 360 more words


Stella's Blog - Things that Make Me Mad

Hello. I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, and I have a few complaints.

(Transcriptionist: As usual.)

Hey, this is my blog. Stick your opinions in your own. 413 more words

"It's all in your head."

Seeing the picture of Rashied Staggie, the (former) leader of the notorious gang “The Hard Livings” from the Cape, reminds me of one of the ferocious killer and criminal we’ve ever had in Pienaar, the township I grew up in. 284 more words



I feel I need to explain something. But don’t mistake this for an apology. This is not an apology, it’s a clarification.

My last post was a bit harsh. 418 more words

* Tatiana

Starved for the Feminine ~ April 29, 2016

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

QUESTION: I’ve studied A Course in Miracles and I like some of the lessons. But the way it’s written upsets me.   1,123 more words

I just wanted to talk

I just want someone to listen to me. But I hate being me, why would anyone listen. I’m so angry. At myself. At the world. So sad. 438 more words


How I Avoided Bitterness After Divorce

Lilly asked: My main question is how did you keep yourself from becoming bitter toward life and women? Not all men (or people) seem to recover from the line in the sand their spouse may have drawn due to the belief there is “evidence there’s a better way.” My spouse is now stuck in bitterness toward me and women in general (because of my audacity to expose that we were doing it wrong). 1,503 more words

Being Human