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And now, a Very Special Eff This Ess Post

Lovely summery days here. We took a walk this past weekend and passed through a playground in one of our local city parks this past weekend, and we were pleasantly surprised to see they had put in a special adaptive swing. 256 more words

I Think We're All Good Now

All I can say about these last 3 days is, holy fuck, what a nightmare. It’s why I haven’t been on, hard to type when you’re completely exhausted due to being kept awake by crippling anxiety. 545 more words


Looking back to when I was a child, I remember the anxiousness, the anticipation of turning into an adult

How adulthood would give me freedom, clarity, and collectedness… 207 more words

Free Verse

What Changed When I Started Working

For one thing, going for gatherings became easier. I had a ready answer to, “so what do you do?”. Yes, I know I being at home with the kids is “commendable” and one of the “toughest jobs in the world”, and that I should never have felt bashful about being, well, just a mom. 783 more words