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my father's eyes: for a certain friend of mine

were tinged
with sadness
even when
he smiled
with occasional flashes
of anger
at what
could only be called
I grew to understand… 7 more words

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When I first saw the trailer for Inside Out, I knew instantly I had to watch the movie. As a Christian, I was excited and curious to see what direction Pixar would go with the movie. 587 more words


Writing in the dark...it's true.

I can’t see past my own shadows. Words sneak out as if looking into more reasons for me to stay here. In the dark.

So, I just sit here and take one breath at a time. 300 more words

How to Deal With Difficult Humans

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Seeds {to Bloom}: Enough

As they went around the table clicking off my child’s mistakes and inadequacies, my hands clutched tight. And my heart clutched tighter as it tumbled and picked up speed towards fury at a group who only sees a decimal point of this precious one. 345 more words

Seeds {to Bloom}