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When things don’t go your way…

We all know anger is bad for health. Harmful stress hormones surge causing inner inflammations, blood pressure rises, eyes become bloodshot, breathing becomes rapid and shallow, the heart beats so violently you feel it hammering in your chest, muscles tense and tighten, the digestive system gets paralyzed. 818 more words

Do I Have a Hidden Agenda?

UN : Well, yes and no.

The Buddhas : Please clarify.

UN : I don’t have a hidden agenda in the way you might be thinking. 231 more words

A Gentle Answer

I’m not a gentle person. I’m aggressive. As a young person I was an athlete. I guess I still think of myself as an athlete. I played on a co-ed volleyball team for as long as I could. 838 more words


The Air

There is something in the air affecting societies all over the world. There is anger and rage due to the failure of  governments across the globe to show any concern for their citizens. 222 more words


Darth Vader, Anger & Dr. Marshall

Darth Vader, Anger and Dr. Marshall

A lot has been written about Star Wars and its characters. Some French psychologists even went that far to diagnose Darth Vader with Bipolar Personality Disorder (BPD). 803 more words


Keeping in love with, keeping ready to sail....

There are days I don’t feel like a “suitable” witch. I don’t always have the moon phase in mind, I don’t have the tarot memorized, and I don’t have the wherewithal to direct my will at anything. 336 more words


When Bitterness Consumes You

Monday, I drove out of state for work. A quick down-and-back trip, but it provided ample time to think and pray and listen to sermons. It was a welcome change of pace. 1,298 more words