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Please and Thank You

I think it’s highly likely that we all have either had children or were one at some point in our lives. There are a few of us that I think are just now living out our childhood years. 818 more words

Mad as Hell!

I’ve been experiencing some serious anger lately. I’m not talking about a little frustration or a moment of silently screaming to yourself. I’m talking full on anger, you know where your jaw is tight from clenching your teeth, your hands are always balled up if you aren’t doing anything specific with them, and wanting to punch anyone that says something that you deem as stupid or just because they are breathing. 553 more words


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Revenge tempting seduction |

Instead I avenge |



I like the word ‘season’
It reminds me of change
But in the heat of the summer
The cold seems so strange 129 more words


A prayer to find their way home

Grime had worn grooves on the backs of her heels.

Flip flop season was quickly veering toward boot-wearing weather, and I wondered if she had warm shoes – or a place to bathe. 674 more words

Cindy Hval


Every month
it feels like
I’m giving birth
to my period.

and all that pressure
all that pain is an
unwelcome reminder
that I am… 172 more words


The Search for Beauty in Divorce

Six short years ago, my wife was selfishly choosing her emotions over the wellbeing of our family. She was breaking her promise to love me and to honor our marriage in good times and in bad. 2,419 more words