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Fuck everyone that I ever thought was my friend. I don’t fucking care anymore. I done playing games with you. So fuck you.

Just fuck everyone. 54 more words


Daughters of Unloving Mothers: Mourning What You Deserved

Peg Streep, author or coauthor of eleven books, received her B.A. in English with Highest Honors from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, a Magna Cum Laude inductee and a Phi Beta Kappa member. 2,268 more words

Complex PTSD Trauma


Sometimes I can feel like a pushover; I don’t like confrontation, I hate making others feel bad – unless of course it is deserved, and I hate when I share my feelings for the response to come off like I am in the wrong. 333 more words

God's love rubbed into your grief

“The love and hope of God…has to be rubbed into our grief, the way you have to rub salt into meat in warm climates…Your grief is going to make you bleaker and weaker or it could make you far more wise and good and tender, depending on what you rub into it.” 28 more words


Argumentative Choices and Other Insults

I’ve been given the middle finger a number of times in my life.  Oddly enough, it’s rarely been by any of my students (or at least not to my face).  856 more words


Saturate Their Atmosphere with Your Absence

Last night I had the privilege of spending time with a wonderful group of ladies who I have grown to love and trust. While not divulging the details of our gathering, one thing I just must share. 481 more words


Selfishly Praying for Grace, When They Need it More - Mom Prayers

It dawned on me today, how often I pray for myself throughout the day. And how little I pray for my kids. It’s not that I don’t pray for them…I do. 483 more words

Parenting Struggles