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Angry generation.

I have a cousin who is yet to turn 2 and what I see in her is the same anger that lies in our generation. By generation I mean the ones who are living when I am alive(young, old or even the oldest). 212 more words

The Brawl at Saloon

The hair has grown long I need a cut

So I went to my old acquintance saloon

To check the queue, the crowd ’cause it Sunday. 403 more words


Managing Your Anger


This can be very difficult for some, especially in a fast-paced environment with a lot of pressure from upper management, but it is imperative you keep your anger at the door. 871 more words


Did You Feel Angry Today?

So, I woke up, about a week ago, fully annoyed… apparently my mom forgot to shut off the alarm and I woke up way ahead of time with a horrible headache. 367 more words

Think You Can't Control Your Temper? Tink Again

As with most of my blog posts, this one was inspired by a specific incident that made me curious about the causality between exercise and anger.  987 more words

The Thought of it All...

Do you feel like nothing is bringing you happiness or “going your way”? Maybe it’s at your job, or with your living situation, or in your love life. 725 more words


Never lose your temper. When you do, you lose your power. And from that point on, your power can only come from topping scorn and rejection with more violence, with darker and scarier threats, more wretched and crueller destruction. 24 more words