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Be Angry, and Do Not Sin...

All too often, people express guilt for being angry, as if anger is a bad thing. What if I told you that anger was good and useful? 419 more words

Christian Love

People are so angry

I had one of those moments the other day when a couple of wires in your brain burst into flames and cause a little explosion followed by melting the protective sheath. 1,443 more words



Sure bet, we have been angry in our existence here on Earth and the reason could be of different extremities. It is like hell to be consumed of anger and we could do a lot of undeniably foolish things when at this state. 223 more words

Kuta...it's time for anger managment.

In my house…in the last years mama and papa were together, there was a lot of static, you know…tempestual. In my house, cursing was normal, a part of our language, our expression. 1,960 more words


The way i perceive myself and the way i’m perceived are two very different things.

There are certain hypothetical situations where i am convinced i would act a certain way no matter what. 718 more words

Anger management

lately … I have been having a lot of temper issues. If you have read my previous post then you can see how my best friend had issues with her team and I took matters into my hand and made the fight bigger. 66 more words


Anger Management

There are those days when you want to punch someone, something, destroy property, or simply pull your own hair out in anger. Anger can come from anywhere, and at inconvenient times. 793 more words