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The Thought of it All...

Do you feel like nothing is bringing you happiness or “going your way”? Maybe it’s at your job, or with your living situation, or in your love life. 725 more words



Never lose your temper. When you do, you lose your power. And your power will come from topping scorn or rejection with violence, darker and scarier, more wretched and crueller destruction. 20 more words

Mis tunne see on?

Sa ju tead.

Me kõik teame.

See tunne on meis kõigis, isegi kui me ei soovi seda endile tunnistada.

See tunne on loomulik. 18 more words

dibalik kode

beberapa hari yang lalu, saya meet up dengan sepasang teman saya.

well, let’s say it was a double date. pada dasarnya meet up yang tertunda sekian bulannya. 549 more words


How to Diffuse Anger Mindfully

In a perfect world everyone would be happy and live peacefully. People would let their perceived obstacles roll off their backs knowing that it is temporary and they would realize any misunderstandings or misconceptions are filtered through their eyes and experiences. 677 more words


The Best and the Worst of Yourself

Moving to Mali has come with some major lifetime highs and some personal lows. I am loving the journey of self discovery, but sometimes I don’t like the person that I see when we draw back the curtain. 329 more words

Thoughts On Mali

My Year with Zoloft

About a year ago I was sitting in the car. I had been sitting there for nearly an hour. It was 9 o’clock at night. My phone was buzzing again and I forced myself to look down and see that it was my husband calling again. 1,145 more words