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Zen like Yogi Bear

Time to talk about letting stuff go. As I mentioned at some point there was a time I was very angry, I would hold on to anger and let it take up space in my brain. 780 more words

Angry Mama Bear

I’m so Angry

I know I’m supposed to be a calm yoga type but no, I’m angry, I find that this isn’t something talked about much when it comes to motherhood especially when you are talking about ‘attachment or gentle parenting’ I have searched for articles and other blog posts and not found that much. 328 more words

Don’t I Feel Ridiculous

The past 48 hours here in my home have been a little on the crazy side. Our car needed to be taken to the auto shop to get a little work done upon it. 590 more words

My Aggression My Guilt My Confession

When I set out to read some self help stuff on how to tackle my aggression in reaction to tantrums thrown in by my 2 and a half year old Nick, I found very less material on the world wide net. 795 more words


How meditation can connect to happiness!

The power of meditation is often misunderstood or under estimated! I believe you reap the benefits of meditation when you allow it to happen naturally and not cloud your mind with prejudices of what you expect to happen. 424 more words

In Control

I have often heard people at the helm; in an organisation, or leaders, even parents and spouses, declare, “I’m in control, don’t worry,” or “We have it under control.” It makes those who look up to them and trust them to feel assured and safe. 924 more words


Is Anger always a bad emotion?

I’m concerned with the trend of labelling emotions as bad or good.  I think that all emotions are important and have a purpose, just as the lovely Pixar movie Inside Out described so beautifully.  456 more words