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My Year with Zoloft

About a year ago I was sitting in the car. I had been sitting there for nearly an hour. It was 9 o’clock at night. My phone was buzzing again and I forced myself to look down and see that it was my husband calling again. 1,145 more words


Winston Was Right!

The journey of letting my anger go began on a day I do not remember.  I wish I did know the exact date and time, because I think I would celebrate it like another birthday!   425 more words

Letting Go

The Nuns on The Hill

The Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, Indiana are a group of women who I owe more than words can express.  Each day I wear a piece of jewelry with the OSB medal.   832 more words


Desperately Moving

Fat?  How does a heroin addict need to lose weight?  Isn’t it the opposite?  One would think!  Descending into the landfill I remember thinking, “eh at least I will be super thin!”  Joke was on me.   683 more words


Coincidence: A Rant

For reasons you will soon discover, this post is not to be taken terribly seriously.  There are lots of problems with the world. Coincidence is but a minor one.   616 more words


Control Those Emotions, Bitches!

Flying home from my holiday break visiting my sister in St. Louis, my carryon was confiscated and searched by the TSA. I’ve had this happen before. 623 more words


It's a spade...

Let’s call it what it is. Sometimes, it’s just hard. Hard. Hard.

I take his Xbox controller and he tells me to kill myself. Threatens all sorts of dire things. 221 more words