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Anger gets a Bad rap...

I think Anger is viewed by the general majority of people as a negative trait and it’s something we shouldn’t talk about or acknowledge. I disagree with this view. 76 more words

Personal Development

Our lives are the sum of the choices we have made… if you want a different life – then make some different choices…


17. 10. 25

Sharing this because today I am highly disappointed in people. Time to cool off some steam. 


A bit more on practice

”Hit that pillow” … and Robert De Niro starts shooting the pillow in the movie Analize This.

Hilarious! But when we talk about practice, modern psychology would teach us to practice anger here? 54 more words

Brigitt's Blog

Rage: A destructive form of anger!

“I don’t feel angry more often but when I do, it’s uncontrollable & destructive”

I used to brag about myself in my circle by showing that I am a very calm person & I don’t get angry easily. 1,160 more words

Mental Health Awarness

Surrounded By Idiots - No Offence

Omg today is a day where I feel like as if everyone (well not EVERY everyone, but almost everyone) around me was an idiot. Like, people, don’t you get what I’m saying?! 352 more words


Angry generation.

I have a cousin who is yet to turn 2 and what I see in her is the same anger that lies in our generation. By generation I mean the ones who are living when I am alive(young, old or even the oldest). 212 more words