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anger management

i just cannot tolerate stupid people.

to win a debate with stupid people is actually a waste of energy.
okay, that foolish creature might loose to you, 96 more words


Can things get any worse?

Just when I thought my week was improving with a “good” Tuesday, I somehow found myself in a shitty feeling in the evening.
When I entertained a childish, whining male. 344 more words


4 simple ways to manage anger

Anger is an emotion that everyone has felt before, sometimes we even feel it on a daily basis! Often, when we get angry it spoils our day and also makes us do or say things that we will regret later. 498 more words


Anger Management

I probably need to go take some classes on this. Seriously.

I have had a bad temper for as long as I can remember. No, I’m not the type to just rip into you for no reason but there are certainly some things that will get a rise out of me every time. 615 more words


Transmissions from the Mothership

“That sounds like some Earth shit. Don’t let it get you down. Focus on your dreams and growing love instead of hate. You’re doing great. Remember the bigger plan. 21 more words

Anger management tips&tricks?

(I want to avoid punching someone) (the struggle is real) (main reasons for my anger : 1. patriarchy, 2. people saying SO MUCH shit in just a few sentences, refuting it would take one hour of teaching them obvious stuff (not so obvious it seems) so you decide to fuck off and deny all your feels cuz you have an exam in 5… how are you even at school? 10 more words


Zen like Yogi Bear

Time to talk about letting stuff go. As I mentioned at some point there was a time I was very angry, I would hold on to anger and let it take up space in my brain. 780 more words