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Neighbours: The Night The Lights Went Out

She took a small canvas bag
from the cupboard under the sink,
filled it with an assortment of nightlights –
vanilla, blueberry, winter spice – 146 more words


Christmas Story by Angi Holden

Distressed Fairy

I admit to being a touch smug. When the assistant reached for the carrier bag and whispered to her colleague that my purchaser was ‘that world famous artist, you know the one, always in the papers’ I began to feel that the weeks of cardboard cartons and stockrooms and shelving displays had been worth it after all. 945 more words

Angi Holden, Monica Suswin, Marion Clarke and World Suicide Prevention Day

Anything that can prevent a person from committing suicide must be
worthwhile. World Suicide Prevention Day highlights the issues and facts
surrounding suicide and hopes that increased awareness of the sad and desperate plight of people contemplating suicide will help to reduce the number who tragically end their own lives. 489 more words

Angi Holden

Tide Lined by Angi Holden

Here on Brighton Beach:
two hundred black body bags
spread on golden sands.


Cruising the Med by Angi Holden

Lean on the deck rails,

watch the sun set red over

this sea of drowning.


Keynote Speech by Angi Holden

If you want politically correct

you’re in the wrong place.

You know what he’s like –

brash, self-indulgent, in yer face.

His arrogance is refreshing, 88 more words


Racing Towards the Finish

It’s 7th August which means that there’s just over a week to go before the deadline for submitting work to Bugged, which is noon on Sunday, 15th August. 161 more words