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watching the polygons

when someone pours dad’s old tinker-toy box full of marbles on the roof & they spill down the sides pinging & plunking everywhere just everywhere until we can’t help but laugh even though the car & the windows & our strawberries & oh my the new azaleas… 81 more words



we knew it was
a mammal when
fur moved from
field to tree
and even though
there were mixed
fractions we
were distracted
so you went… 46 more words



I knew the end before she started so I laughed when she said raccoon. have you ever been to sacramento? even in the rain stars look like stars: scratches through a silvered mirror, cake crumbs on a peel-and-stick floor. 133 more words


paper lizards

after she stumbles we both stop

it’s a tack she says picking up that tiny blue I guess kids are pulling them down she stretches to the top of the board reinserting the construction paper lizards leer and form orange-tongued hisses I nod I get it I understand… 164 more words