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The No Salt, No Fat, No Sugar Journal hits 25,000 views in five months!

This blog, the No Salt, No Fat, No Sugar Journal, has reached another important milestone — we’ve had 25,000 views through the first five months of this year, nearly as many as it took us… 184 more words


Naturally opening arteries of heart

Take 1 tablespoon daily before breakfast


  1. Lemon juice – 1 cup
  2. Ginger juice – 1 cup
  3. Garlic juice – 1 cup
  4. Apple vinegar – 1 cup…
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Come hear me, other heart disease survivors talk about changing our lives

The major artery blockage I had in 2012 that nearly ended my life led to the creation of this blog. And that in turn has hopefully led to me helping otter people who find they need to completely change how they eat, either out of medical necessity or simply out of a desire to cut the massive amounts of salt, fat and sugar in most foods Americans routinely eat today. 169 more words


Medications for hypertension and statins do NOT stop plaque build-up. The answer is ______________

Very interesting article on Medpage.com.  “Intensive Therapy Fails to Slow Atherosclerosis”. 

In short, despite intensive therapy (involving statins and medications), for patients who received stents to treat narrowed, weakened, or blocked arteries plaque continued to form after drug intervention.  260 more words

Heart Attack, Heart Surgery and your Glutathione Levels

Heart Attack

Similar to glutathione’s protective role in a stroke, when there is adequate GSH within the cells, the damage from a heart attack is  402 more words

Flip Flop

People change as time go by. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. In my case, I learn from my mistakes, and try not to repeat them. 533 more words

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