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The mildly-invasive procedure that helps end-stage renal disease patients

As previously described by Joe Cosgrove, there are several stages of renal disease; there are, in fact, different treatments for each patient. However, to all those patients currently undergoing hemodialysis after being diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, unrestrained and free blood circulation is practically the whole world for them. 804 more words


Plan B it is ...

Well, I finally met with the cardiac surgeon. Once again there was a delay, so overall – we waited over two hours. The question was whether I would have bypass surgery or not. 223 more words

The Heart

When we’re children, we never think about our internal organs. Human anatomy is taught to us in the form of voluntary and involuntary muscles, the brain, nerves. 1,056 more words


Life After Angioplasty - Your Guide to Angioplasty and Cardiac Stenting

Coronary angioplasty was developed in 1977 as an alternative to the much more invasive coronary artery bypass surgery as a way to open blocked arteries of the heart. 923 more words

Heart Diseases

Blood Flow in Diabetic Feet

Grass grows where there is water. Without water, it will dry up. The same thing happens to our body if deprived of blood, and our toes start developing… 1,059 more words


Day-By-Day Diary Of A Heart Attack Survivor: Part 7 Fun At The Theatre

Friday 19th August 2017 — 06:20:  Today is the day.  I am scheduled for an angiogram (injection of dye into the heart & visualisation of structures to find structural defects or anomalies) followed by… 1,812 more words