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No Incision Please


No surgery, no stitches, no scars…

We observe National Without a Scalpel Day each year on January 16. The first angioplasty, a ground-breaking procedure to open a blocked blood vessel, was performed on this day in 1964 in Portland, Oregon, by pioneer physician Charles Dotter. 212 more words


Season of the New Year

The day before New Year’s Eve, I got up from an indulgent post-breakfast nap with my throat on swollen fire. I had a column of nasty pain running up from about where the esophagus hits the stomach, all the way up to my jaw, and it was even going into my left arm a tad. 586 more words


For the 1st time in India BMH introduces INNOVA IGS 520 with PCI assist

INNOVA IGS 520 STENT VESSEL VIZ with PCI Assist is one of the world’s most advanced technology for angioplasty; making it safer, simpler and more accurate. 80 more words

Cardiology & Heart Surgery


‘Angio’ in Greek refers to blood vessel, and ‘plasty’ refers to process of forming. Angioplasty refers to formation or repair of the affected blood vessel. ‘Gram’ in Angiogram refers to a measure in Latin. 137 more words

Angioplasty FAQs

What is Angioplasty?

Angioplasty is actually a Greek word which means vessel shaping. This procedure is especially performed to widen the clogged arteries which are generally coronary artery. 624 more words

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Stent Opens Blocked Arteries in Brain

Stents in the Brain:

Stroke is now becoming the 2nd largest killer disease after heart attacks. Alarming figures suggest that the number of strokes may triple from the present level by the year 2025. 629 more words


Angioplasty, Stents Help Heart Attack Survival


Aggressive interventions play big part in improvements after even ‘mild’ attacks, U.K. report says