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My Diet is Better than Yours: episode update and review

I blogged recently about the new ABC show, My Diet is Better than Yours. I’m not sure I’ll write about it every week, but thought enough happened last week to write about it again here. 445 more words

Smart Shopping

2015 -- a setback year in my battle against fat and sugar

My 2012 angioplasty set me on a path to change my eating habits to lessen the chance of future heart problems. I went on to drop nearly 30 pounds over the first two years after the surgery. 271 more words

Eating Out

Angioplasty is an alternative to bypass surgery

Since it was first performed in 1977, angioplasty has been considered the less invasive alternative to bypass surgery. There are more than 1 million angioplasties performed each year. 29 more words



I want to share my story with the world for several reasons, but most importantly I want to give MS sufferers hope and to help them discover useful and important information about their autoimmune disease and how to “Reduced it” dramatically to the point where it becomes stable and live a long and healthy life. 2,568 more words


Crucial Information

For far too long, I have been dealing with leg pain. Because I have a high pain tolerance level, I have dealt with that pain fairly well. 233 more words

Medical Analysis of Global Angioplasty Balloons Industry Research, Forecasts, Study, Developments, Growth & Market Demands by 2015

Information analyzed is included in the report in a precise and pertinent format. For an in-depth analysis, the chapters in the report also include infographics, statistics, and other relevant graphical representations. 86 more words

A FANTASTIC VESSEL CLEARING INNOVATION - How a 1960s era science-fiction movie, “Fantastic Voyage”, about a miniaturized submarine navigating through the human vessel system is becoming a reality

In 1966 the science-fiction movie, “Fantastic Voyage”, produced by Twentieth Century Fox and Directed by Richard Fleischer was far ahead of its time in its concepts and the actual special-effects and cinematography utilized in recording the movie were cutting-edge for 1960s technology.  2,366 more words