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This is what it means to swim past the tides.

Past the safety pools of the urchin and the sea star,

away, away from where the water crawls to air. 154 more words

Lifelong Male/Female Bond

during mating, the tiny male anglerfish bites into the body of the much larger female, and never lets go, eventually becoming fused with her body in a mutually advantageous arrangement – she provides nutrients that keep him alive, while he provides sperm for her eggs.


what love looks/feels like (to me)

Love is irrational, like engaging to your girlfriend with a froot loop.

Love is animalistic, like big fish swimming over other big fish for some fish food that you threw into the pond which then attracted droves of other fish, until you felt a memory arise of soma and Gammas, climbing over each other in a futile embrace of material pleasure, but I suppose that that is more akin to lust, or gluttony. 245 more words


Animal Series: Anglerfish

By: Staci Srebro

For my next few posts on this blog, I will be posting artwork that pertains to my future art exhibition at Keystone College. 170 more words


Horrific Sea Creatures - Action Video!


Sea Creatures

That Need

Their Own

Horror Movie

The surface of the Earth is 71% water, that water is home to some amazing and terrifying creatures. 2,074 more words

Writing And Grammar

Jog like a Frog

We spend most of our time snorkelling or diving for some project or research, but we love scuba diving on our day off… and especially when you know that the ocean will be teamed with fish and you may make an encounter with a Frogfish which are also called Anglerfish. 221 more words

Marine Biology