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Frogfish (family Antennariidae)

I was convinced I had to blog about these fish as soon as I saw their name. It immediately conjured images of strange frog-fish hybrids, which of course would never happen. 490 more words


The angler fish, Latin name Melanocetus johnsonii aren’t like any other deep sea fish in many ways. Because they don’t regularly encounter prey, they have large mouths and stomachs and their teeth are pointy in order for them to be able to capture whatever they may find. 143 more words


Sometimes I just need something to hang on the wall

I sketched this guy a year or two ago. I had been in my house a year, and finally was home enough to look around and notice that the walls were pretty sparse. 56 more words


49/366 - Anglerfisch

49/366 – “Animals from the sea” – Week. Anglerfish


Lenten Madness: Day 7

I haven’t yet had time to write about the horrible agonies I’ve endured over the years, so today, let’s focus on the spiritual lessons we can learn from God’s creation. 113 more words


National Anglerfish Summit

When: January 31
Where: Kita-Ibaraki-shi Gyogyo Rekishi Shiryo Kan Yo-soro, Kita-Ibaraki (789 Niida, Sekinami-cho, Kita-Ibaraki)
Access: By Car – 15 minutes from the Kita-Ibaraki IC on the Joban Expressway… 92 more words

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Travel in Tokyo: Sushi Makes Miso Happy

Before coming to Japan, I watched the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi- a biography of a Japanese chef who spent his life mastering the art of sushi, and who is now world-renowned for his talents.He uses minimal ingredients of the highest quality. 686 more words