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Knowledge and Knowing

If I were to tell you that there was a monster in the water that glows in the dark, you might not believe me. Until I showed you a picture along with taxonomy and a plethora of scientific documentation. 555 more words

07. Swords, the Anglerfish

Not every light in the dark is a friendly one, sometimes things can be too good to come true. The Anglerfish is a deep sea creature, with massive jaws and bioluminescence to trick prey into its maw. 167 more words


The Anglerfish

Shivering in the deep of the abyss,
I came across an anglerfish and asked,
“Why do you always bring that light with you;
is it because you’re afraid of the dark?” 34 more words

They came from the deep!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll have some heat-changing mugs featuring the giant squid and hairy anglerfish available for purchase in the near future!

These two beauties are the first of what will be an ongoing series of coffee mug designs that will allow you to ponder the mysteries of the deep while enjoying your morning coffee. 51 more words

Graphic Art

Does an anglerfish dump in the sea?

See for yourself. This is a wartskin anglerfish, sometimes also called a warty or clown frogfish. Hes’ trying to be discreet about it: move along! 7 more words

Mountain of Foie Gras from Deep Sea

Anglerfish is a deep sea fish. Despite its grotesque looks, its meat is very soft and tasty. This fish was treated as one of the five great foodstuff in Japan in Edo era, about 400 years ago. 252 more words


Species Spotlight: Monkfish

Monkfish (Lophius americanus), also known as goosefish is a type of anglerfish that is common in the Western North Atlantic. As an anglerfish, they hide in the mud or sand and catch prey with the use of a specialized “lure” on its head. 580 more words

Species Spotlight