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Horrific Sea Creatures - Action Video!


Sea Creatures

That Need

Their Own

Horror Movie

The surface of the Earth is 71% water, that water is home to some amazing and terrifying creatures. 2,074 more words

Writing And Grammar

Jog like a Frog

We spend most of our time snorkelling or diving for some project or research, but we love scuba diving on our day off… and especially when you know that the ocean will be teamed with fish and you may make an encounter with a Frogfish which are also called Anglerfish. 221 more words

Marine Biology

Extreme adaptations: Organisms can do some crazy things in order to survive!

When faced with an environmental stress, every living being has the ability to alter its lifestyle, its habits, its physiological processes to a certain degree so that it can accommodate that stress and continue to survive. 906 more words