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Following the Road

I am making PROGRESS!

Once I set my sights on where I want to go, I started taking steps to make it happen.  Well, I planned out some steps, mini goals, and I am finally seeing results. 205 more words


Angler fish (frogfish) - Philippines

Taking photos of angler fish as opposed to anemone fish, which we featured in our previous blog, is a lot easier. They don’t move, they’re just harder to find.   156 more words


Bizarre Ceratioid Anglerfish of the Thaumatichthyidae and their Sideways Mouths

If you spend long enough searching the literature for strange animals, you’ll find them in spades, and it’s really a shame that most people will never know just how bizarre animals really get. 2,041 more words


Frogfish (family Antennariidae)

I was convinced I had to blog about these fish as soon as I saw their name. It immediately conjured images of strange frog-fish hybrids, which of course would never happen. 490 more words


The angler fish, Latin name Melanocetus johnsonii aren’t like any other deep sea fish in many ways. Because they don’t regularly encounter prey, they have large mouths and stomachs and their teeth are pointy in order for them to be able to capture whatever they may find. 143 more words


Sometimes I just need something to hang on the wall

I sketched this guy a year or two ago. I had been in my house a year, and finally was home enough to look around and notice that the walls were pretty sparse. 56 more words


49/366 - Anglerfisch

49/366 – “Animals from the sea” – Week. Anglerfish