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70: 'A Song About an Anglerfish' by Hank Green

Some people aren’t burdened with worry. One of these is Hank, who has found his peace from observing the life of a anglerfish.

He is bald and horribly lonely. 209 more words

The Story

The Hindu: More Terrors of the Deep

More terrors of the DEEP

Arefa Tehsin

NOVEMBER 24, 2016 16:38 IST

The ocean depths hold secrets and horrors that can send a shiver down your back. 554 more words

Nature/ Wildlife

Living Beneath the Ocean – 6 Strange Sea Creatures

Survival beneath sea level can be difficult and creatures that live here have adapted in order to do so. Their general appearance and features can be extremely different from the animals that live on land. 468 more words

Steven Becker

The Anglerfish

The anglerfish, aka Lophiiformes, are an order of bony fish that dwell in the deep, empty reaches of the ocean. Both prey and others of their own kind are few and far between. 824 more words

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Following the Road

I am making PROGRESS!

Once I set my sights on where I want to go, I started taking steps to make it happen.  Well, I planned out some steps, mini goals, and I am finally seeing results. 205 more words


Angler fish (frogfish) - Philippines

Taking photos of angler fish as opposed to anemone fish, which we featured in our previous blog, is a lot easier. They don’t move, they’re just harder to find.   156 more words


Bizarre Ceratioid Anglerfish of the Thaumatichthyidae and their Sideways Mouths

If you spend long enough searching the literature for strange animals, you’ll find them in spades, and it’s really a shame that most people will never know just how bizarre animals really get. 2,041 more words