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Teaching Angles

Over the past week I have been teaching angles to my S1 class. We are still working on angles but I thought I would share a few of the different ways we have been learning about angles so far. 615 more words


Looking but not seeing

I suppose when you’re stuck at the back of a crowded event and can’t quite see, you just have to peer at any one of the recording devices in front of you.

Huawei P10, Singapore, January 2018


An Interview With Two Alien Abductees - Episode 58

by Alex Reiman and Jason Duncan

How do you reconcile your faith with aliens? If there are aliens, what do they want with us? We have those same questions, that’s why we asked Jaime and Bri from the podcast “That One Time I Was Abducted By Aliens” to come our  show to talk about… well… that one time they were abducted by aliens! 144 more words


Psychology and angles in photography

Usually, how good a photo is depends on how much thought is put into taking it.There are some things you can use, like colours and camera angles, to manipulate how the viewer perceives given image. 242 more words


Dark Fantasy Book Review: In Bt.

Sometimes I find unique books to read. That’s what I found in the book, In Bt., by James Kidac. It’s an adult fantasy book that I wanted to share with my followers. 199 more words


Final Cut Pro X - 11. Multiple Angles

1:14 min
  1. Drag two clips in the timeline (one on top of the other)
  2. Select top clip
  3. Right click in the preview window…
  4. 22 more words