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Lines & Angles

Taking the extra few seconds to set up a shot is worthwhile. A mundane image can be altered into simplistic beauty by using an effective perspective. 290 more words


A Math Nerd's Dream Museum

I went to the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) today – what else would I do while in NYC?!!  If you were unaware, this is yet another… 431 more words


Divide and Conquer

If you’ve got a number phobia, a wood shop can be tough, but if you’re innovative and adaptable it could well be a blessing in disguise. 445 more words


Learning About Angles

For maths today we used the BBC Bitesize website to recap angles. I like the Bitesize site but it seems to be forever going through an overhaul and I’m not sure it’s available outside of the UK. 120 more words


Exterior Angles of a Polygon and other shapes

I find some students like to memorise this, or at least the first two or three rows and then remember that we keep adding 180 for extra size. 60 more words


Revise Year 6 Mathematics Concepts

We’ll be revising the following topics in a super fun way! Click on the images to play the games!


Math 8 - wrapping up angles & triangles

Yesterday, we finished Unit 5: Angles, Transversals, and Triangles by giving out the Essential Standards Test (EST), and 82% of the class met the standard. I have a feeling 2 out of the 5 students who scored a 2.0 or below could’ve passed if I had just been better in my time management. 282 more words