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It was a really shiny table. The kind you wouldn’t want to stand next to with a short skirt on. And probably the kind you’d hesitate to put anything down heavily on to it. 54 more words


Five techniques that make your photos better.

  1. Find new angles

I know this is technique is overused, but after 12 years of experience I can’t stress the importance of getting below or above the action to capture the unique angle enough. 387 more words

Vincent : Lighting, Angles, and What They Portray

(Image courtesy of Vincent by Tim Burton)

Introduction to Vincent by Tim Burton

The short film “Vincent”, by director Tim Burton, revolves around the life of Vincent Malloy, a 7-year-old boy who dreams to be like Vincent Price. 340 more words


"Vincent" Analysis

Lighting and Angles

Lighting and angles are very important in a film studios inventory for a movie. Lighting and angles show a variety emotions for the type of scene or character. 326 more words



Oh heyyyyy math world!

Today we will be talking about everything angles. Supplementary angles, complementary angles, alternate interior angles, and more- I’m sure you’re thrilled by now right? 319 more words

The morning rush

Is it always a bad thing to be stuck in a bit of traffic? Usually I’ve got my music on, to whatever I can sing along to, loudly, in the car. 55 more words