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Textual Analysis: Camera Work

Camera Shots

     Wide Shots

     Also known as “mid-shots” and “medium-shots”, a wide shot shows a character from waist to head. A lot of the character’s surroundings is shown, which assists the shot in being the most popular around. 728 more words

Preliminary Tasks

Geometric Angles T-shirt

This graphic t-shirt uses the droste effect to create the illusion of an infinite rotating series of green geometric structures. Made in the USA. Selections available in black or white, with a fully printed polyester/elastane front and 100% cotton back, sleeves, and binding. 8 more words



Don’t cheat the world of who you are. Express how you feel because you matter. Don’t cheat readers of what your writing because they are listening. 577 more words

CMN150 Visual Journalism Photography Project: Composition and Angles

Tourism growth for Sunshine Coast


The number of Australian visitors to the Sunshine Coast has increased by seven per cent in the year up to March 2016, with Queensland Australian visitor numbers increasing as a whole by nine per cent. 235 more words


The Mighty Protractor

As Math Heroes, we can find triangle and angle baddies roaming the streets of our good city. We are able to point out different angles that are hiding everywhere, but how do we know we have an acute or obtuse angle in our clutches? 387 more words

No halves.

Why does there always have to be another half? That’s the way it always seems. Like there’s more to the puzzle than this only given bit. 455 more words



Well hello there! Welcome to Music’s Wingless Angles and thank you for stopping by. This is a page dedicated to those who have saved millions of lives through the power of music. 9 more words