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Blue Ice

Puddle ice abstract. Happy Friday! :-)

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Specialist Technique & Process 3 - External Opportunity - Modelling

4th February 2015

I was approached by a student in Bradford College on the F.E photography course. She had photographed me before in the studio workshop I had modelled in previously. 165 more words


Photography Tip of The Day: 14) Diagonals

Yesterday I wrote about overlapping people , today it’s sunday and I am a little sleepy; so a very quick and simple tip:

Tip: Look for diagonals that stretch across the frame of your shot. 84 more words


Its small|but it's what I make of it<<

Im thinking…|I think my final result for my project I shall be doing, is to capture (in a way) multiple scenes.
Also, I found an article or somthing about being mindful. 135 more words


Working with Concepts of Angles and Angle Measures

The last week of math has focused on learning that geometric shapes are formed wherever two rays share a common endpoint. Students have studied points, rays, lines and the concepts of perpendicular and parallel. 38 more words