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Promote a product. Anglo-Norman “advertir”=draw attention to < Latin “advertere” “ad-“= toward + “vertere”=turn toward


Conference: History Books in the Anglo-Norman World (Trinity College Dublin, 22-23 May 2015)

22-23 May 2015
Trinity College Dublin
Synge Theatre, Arts Building

Cost: €25.00 (€15.00 concessions and/or one-day attendance; TCD staff and students free).
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It's Always Difficult to Get the News

La Chanson de Roland, trans. Ian Short, 2nd edn (Lettres Gothiques, Livre de Poche, 1990).

In 777, Sulayman al-Arabi, the Muslim governor of Barcelona and Girona, sent a delegation to the Frankish King, Charlemagne, offering him his submission along with the allegiance of Husayn, governor of Zaragoza, and Abu Taur, governor of Huesca in return for military aid against Abd al-Rahman I, a rebel prince who had declared an independent Emirate with Córdoba as its capital. 2,146 more words



Ordinary and commonplace. Anglo-Norman “cotidian”=daily < Latin “quotidianus”=every day < “quot”=how many + “dies”=days.


The defended homes of the Anglo-Norman colonists; Bree’s moated sites

Moated sites are rectangular shaped enclosures that are primarily associated with the 13thand 14th century Anglo-Norman colonisation of Ireland.  Bree has a notable concentration of these monuments with 12 located within the parish bounds (see Table 1 below). 1,218 more words



A group of states ruled by a single monarch. Anglo-Norman “emper” < Latin “imperium” < “imperare”=to control or command.



A large group of people of the same race and language. Anglo-Norman “nacion” < Latin “natio”=birth or race.