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Bisclavret's Wife and the Fear of Abuse

Ever have that moment when you are teaching and all of a sudden you start to look at whatever it is you are teaching in a different way? 1,306 more words



Lacking in care or attention. Anglo-Norman “remis” < Latin “remissus”=slack, drooping < “remittere”=to overlook.



To abuse someone by touching in a sexual manner. Anglo-Norman “molester”=to annoy < Latin “molestus”=troublesome.


Latin Names in Yorkshire

There are many stereotypes of Yorkshire, with varying degrees of truthfulness, but I suspect that people rarely, if ever, associate Yorkshire with Latin. As a child, growing up in Yorkshire, however, I learned that there is a definite Latin influence in the county, at least as far as place names are concerned. 930 more words

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How and When the 32 Counties Formed

The division of Ireland into shires or counties is of Anglo-Norman and English origin. The counties generally represent the older native territories and sub-kingdoms.

King John formed twelve counties in 1210. 267 more words

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To express regret for an action or sin. Anglo-Norman “repenter” < to renounce < “repoentire”=”re-“=again + “paenitere”=to repent.



Dung/excrement used to fertilize plants. Anglo-Norman “manovrer”=to cultivate land < Latin “manu operari”=to perform manual work.