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20 Brilliant Anglo-Saxon Words

I can’t say I know anything about Old English, but I’ve studied three other dead languages and know the feeling of finding a great word or phrase that Modern English is sorely lacking. 974 more words

Copywriting that caters to men

Cheat words to make your copy more muscular
You know the client: he’s an entrepreneur, in his early 30s, and has a dream. He wants website or brochure copy that appeals (mainly) to blokes. 353 more words


Lent - The beginning!

I am reading the ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer now. I watched the films first and it is helping me a lot to picturise the scenes. I have a predetermined face for every character. 623 more words

Pages Off My Life

Poetry: When Old is the New New

The book from which I’ve taken the following poem (“Poems from the Middle English”) states that this verse is “probably a love message in the form of a riddle”. 319 more words


William Zinsser on Anglo-Saxon's glory

“The English language is derived from two main sources. One is Latin, the florid language of ancient Rome. The other is Anglo-Saxon, the plain languages of England and northern Europe. 484 more words