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Sutton Hoo

We we’re lucky enough to go to Sutton Hoo – one of the great archaeological finds in England and to be honest it was a little disappointing…. 678 more words

AMW Road Test: Shieldwall and Cavalry

The Frankish Army List in AMW comprises

Nobles (Heavy Cavalry, heavy armour, Elite) 3-6 units

Retainers (Light Cavalry (javelin), light armour, Average) 1-3 units

Spearmen (Dark Age Infantry, light armour, Average) 1-4 units… 869 more words

Anglo Saxons

AMW test drive : Two Shieldwalls

The Anglo-Saxon list in AMW offers the following

Nobles – Dark Age Infantry – medium armour, Elite between 1-3 units

Peasants – Dark Age Infantry – light armour, Average between 4-6 units… 2,147 more words

Anglo Saxons

How the Anglo-Saxons thought

The Anglo-Saxons lived over a thousand years ago. It is impossible to know exactly how they thought but thanks to historians we can see a partially complete picture. 582 more words

Early Medieval

Book Review: Dress in Anglo-Saxon England

This is a brief review of the revised edition of Gale R. Owen-Crocker’s Dress in Anglo-Saxon England (2004).

I’m certainly no expert on books about early medieval dress (I don’t know what else has been published). 355 more words

Early Medieval

Food in Anglo-Saxon England

Sally Crawford has a whole chapter on food in her book Daily Life in Anglo-Saxon England. It’s full of fascinating facts about food in early medieval England. 487 more words

Early Medieval

Book Review: Beasts in Early Medieval England

This is a review of Representing Beasts in Early Medieval England and Scandinavia, a book edited by Michael D.J. Bintley and Thomas J.T. Williams. 444 more words

Early Medieval