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The Battle of Brunanburh in 937 is mostly forgotten today, but it is a battle that deserves to be remembered. For it was the largest and bloodiest battle fought in Anglo-Saxon England prior to Hastings (and likely surpassing that later battle in the numbers of combatants involved). 4,713 more words


I have just completed a survey, sent to me by You Gov. This is one of the big survey companies in Britain, and I get paid (very little) for completing ‘targeted surveys’. Generally, the…

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‘Different Class’ by Joanne Harris

I do like reading bestsellers, and ‘Different Class’ by Joanne Harris is usually ranked quite high on Amazon. Apparently the author taught French at a boys’ school. 12 more words


St Gildas - the first Brexiteer

One of the earliest surviving works of British history is “On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain” by a British monk called St Gildas. 248 more words


The Cultivation of Saga in Anglo-Saxon England by C. E. Wright; Reviewed by Hilda R. Ellis (1940)

CAN anything more be learned of the lost literature of Anglo-Saxon England, which we deduce, from the quality and variety of what remains, to have been considerable ? 1,133 more words

Hilda R. Ellis

The Allure of ByGone Days...(or Not)

(In cleaning out some of my school files, I came across these common phrases and their sources. Enjoy!!!)

Here are some bygone tales about the 1500s: 489 more words

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