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The Gawthorpe Maypole Procession and World Coal Carrying Championships 

Every folkloric festival in Britain started at the pub. Even the ones that predate the invention of the pub started at the pub.

And the synthetic ones? 1,621 more words


It all began with piracy

The arrival of the Romans in northwest Europe at the beginning of the era, with the Rhine as frontier, was the starting signal for five centuries of widespread piracy. 6,949 more words


Abstraction in Wargames Rules

I will eventually report and conclude my wargames ruleset testing using two anglo saxon shieldwalls. Setting up two identical shieldwalls to fight each other is a recipe for a tedious game surely? 622 more words


Merciless medieval merchants

The earliest proof of Frisian merchants trading in slaves dates from the seventh century. It was Venerable Bede himself, the Father of English history, who documented this criminal act. 1,060 more words


Another Ruleset Test

So I was looking for my copies of “Twilight” the Pike & Shot Society rulesets, as I had just acquired some more of them. This was prompted by my renewing my P&SS membership. 211 more words


The Abbey of Egmond and the Rise of the Gerulfing Dynasty

Monk Ecgberht of Ripon was the driving force behind the Christianization of the headstrong heathens of Frisia. From the influential monastery Rath Melsigi in Ireland, he released salvo after salvo of monks, priests and other clergymen on them. 7,871 more words


We'll drive our ships to new land

In the series Myths of Nations we disclose to you this time that the Frisians, in fact, did not come from India, as the old legends tell us. 2,514 more words